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16 yrs old...hmm i love basketball, paintball,(on a team) and yeah of course i play video games, who doesnt? United State Marine Corps. Semper Fi. I made this short and sweet cause if it was long i bet ya wouldnt read it, if ya got an AIM send me a comment for my screen name
Paintball, basketball, lacrosse, and girls
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i actually like all types of music
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Anythin thats good lol, could be anything now wouldnt it?
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Posted on: December 22, 2007, at 10:48:29pm   [0 comments]

Posted on: July 10, 2007, at 04:32:58am   [0 comments]
Well, i hope to upload some pics of me playin paintball for you guys to really see who i am..heheheh xP

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dick~around writes...
at 4:56:39pm on 8/8/11
lmao i just thought about this site havent been on this for like 3 or 4 years
dick~around writes...
at 6:52:49pm on 5/30/09
dam we havent been on for like a year and a half lmfao
the_hot_chick writes...
at 12:16:00pm on 12/23/07
fineeee. just tired.
and bah my aims screwed up.
it has been since like ever.
the_hot_chick writes...
at 9:12:48pm on 12/5/07
wat, blocked?
i didnt block you.
at least i sure hope i didnt. =[
hockeyrama545 writes...
at 3:57:06am on 10/21/07
I need you to relay a message to max. get on aim sometime this week, or call. Cuz I now have a 360
hockeyrama545 writes...
at 8:43:56am on 9/30/07
that's old. and not that funny
hockeyrama545 writes...
at 11:21:27pm on 9/28/07
nevermind Sucka
hockeyrama545 writes...
at 12:59:25pm on 9/28/07
How do I change my homepage?
potatoesandpeanuts writes...
at 6:40:33pm on 9/16/07
yeah pretty much the same lol... i also got hockey and volleyball and work lol...
u got a job or somethin?
the_hot_chick writes...
at 4:47:22pm on 9/14/07
hmmm sounds fun :]
ive never been to any of my skools like sports events.
i either have hmwrk or studying to do. hah
and uhh im purrddy good.
been tired tho..and seeing as how im tired on a friday, is quite ironic
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