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ULTIMEGA writes...
at 3:26:44pm on 11/3/19
What the fuck is this MA, dude!? This is sick!
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 6:52:10pm on 10/22/19
You are killin' lately, dude! Keep it up!
Matthia writes...
at 11:59:03pm on 1/13/19
1000 AAA's!!!
The5thMoon writes...
at 2:06:07am on 1/7/19
Oh yeah easily, I gotta go through so so many songs as well but i'll get around to it eventually. Glad to see you playin again!
The5thMoon writes...
at 9:32:12pm on 1/6/19
grats on 900 AAAs ;)
dAnceguy117 writes...
at 9:39:56pm on 10/9/12
heyy! how's it going?
dAnceguy117 writes...
at 1:46:14pm on 11/30/11
Yo Dan! So I totally forgot to let you know I got a new phone back in July. Hit me up on here if the card for Jellygod's family is still floating around somewhere. I know it's been a while, but I'd say it's never too late!
mfdat phantom writes...
at 10:23:36am on 3/27/11
ok song sent to your email :) and well I haven't played in about 2 months or so... I used to be on 90-something of overall but since i haven't played, well everything goes up again.
mfdat phantom writes...
at 2:17:03pm on 3/26/11
yeah. I will be doing an account later so others can download it or i can send it to your email. :)
xMUSICxMASTERx writes...
at 9:43:38pm on 2/14/11
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