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I'm 23, I speak french, I could eat sushis every single day of my life. ............................................ ............................................ ............................................ ............................................ ............................................ ............................................ ............................................
Programming, Parkour, Kung-fu, Taekwondo, Video games, Japan, Girls, Ecchi, Anime, Music, FFR.
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Anything that sounds good.
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Anything that looks good.
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Posted on: May 12, 2014, at 07:24:00pm   [9 comments]
I did it. Yes. Absolutely. From 1AM to 1AM the next day Sanzath (Martin <3) and I played VS Boss Battle, Extratone in a Perfect World & vRofl (only me) and it was simply epic. It is seriously a huge physical And mental challenge since you have to bear a constant pain for hours without losing focus on your timing for optimal scoring. I'd say someone with a better capacity to do a unique task without stopping and insane pain threshold could do at least 1.8 billion points by playing vRofl from beginning to end, but honestly I don't think that would be possible for me. I gave it my best and took as fewer breaks as I could (At one point I had to go downstairs and eat dinner because parents haha) but at least I used them smartly and ate/drank quickly, which gave me the energy I needed to keep going. I also greatly appreciated the support on Skype and in the forum thread (SHOUTOUTS to Sven, Max [graphs<3], Haku, Luis, Stian, Peter, Chris, Terry, Isaac, Felix, Brenton and Bridget for the entertaining skype call ^^) since your only presence was really enough to keep me from giving up, seriously. Also thanks for pushing me during the last 40 million points so I could actually set a small gap between my score and Dossar's 1.60 Billion. As for the aftermath, only my elbows are a little bit painful but it's nothing like what I expected to feel so I'm happy. Now my vRofl Thought is simply funny to read and even though I hope I'll keep the #1 spot for at least a few years, I do challenge anyone who wants to give it a try to be the first person in the 1.7 Billion club.
- End of the Quest -
Posted on: November 27, 2011, at 04:59:07pm   [24 comments]
This game is impossible to quit.
Posted on: October 8, 2011, at 05:01:47pm   [12 comments]
- Unlocked on: 08/10/2011
- 29th to unlock it.
- Got my first FGO AAA ever.
- Made my day.
Posted on: September 26, 2011, at 03:08:50pm   [3 comments]
[x] Reach AvRank 3,0.
[x] Reach AvRank 2,75.
[x] Reach AvRank 2,5.
[x] Reach AvRank 2,25.
[x] Reach AvRank 2,0.
[x] Reach AvRank 1,75.
[x] Reach AvRank 1,5. {Never thought that would happen}
[o] Keep AvRank < 1,5.

[ ] Get 42 FGO AAAs.
Posted on: August 14, 2011, at 10:18:32am   [14 comments]
So yeah I fuccin got vRofl in 16 hours and 15 minutes, the record actually on all FFR. I took 1 single 10 minutes break at 500Mil points to eat 2 toasts and a banana. All the rest was non-stop whoring of RATO. I did not listen to anything else than that song, had to focus on the fast rolls so I didn't miss a note on them. I got some FC's here and there in my run, even on last 50Mil (Just to prove Dossar that I could always hit the rolls lmao). Frank was my biggest support; without him, I don't even think I would've got 1Bil seriously. Also, what happened is that my goal changed at 500Mil from "Beat Adam's score" to "Get it the fastest possible" which I think I did haha. 1.5Bil with RATO would require an -insane- mental and physical endurance because of the energy you must put into the faster parts. My combos went like this: FC's most of the time until 250Mil, some FC's and ~1000 notes combos until 600Mil and Rare FC's and more bad combos until 1Bil (By FC I mean FC all the song and stop right before easy part begin at the end). If anybody else go for vRofl, do NOT do it with RATO... unless you want to break my time record which you won't be able to do. :3 Thanks to people who supported us. :D
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DaBackpack writes at 2:28:52am on 9/20/18
Nah nobody crossed a line or anything, I just think roasts are supposed to be more creative than straight insults. If you watch a Celebrity Roast for example, they'll never say "you're fat", they'll construct a joke where the punchline is that "you're fat." A flat insult isn't entertaining and doesn't seem like a roast to me.
dAnceguy117 writes at 6:29:55pm on 9/16/18
YoshL writes at 1:35:27am on 9/11/18
also *farts*
YoshL writes at 1:35:19am on 9/11/18
it is what it is
devonin now has multiple instances of really inconsistent and snap mod decisions lol
Gradiant writes at 1:35:06am on 9/11/18
Charu writes at 1:31:19am on 9/11/18
YoshL writes at 1:30:18am on 9/11/18
check this out
MinaciousGrace writes at 10:09:15pm on 9/7/18
dude are you ok or is your level of intellectual insecurity and fatuousness autofatalastic
like you do realize that asking for a specific link to my specific writings after making a public declaration of solicitation of advice to which I responded specifically with the notion that aforementioned specific writings of mine could guide you to a better understanding of the subject is
L I T E R A L L Y the definition of soliciting my advice
i mean it's a completely meaningless objection even if you were right, which you aren't
i know you're going to fail, i'm going to watch you fail, and i'm going to enjoy every moment of it, and i want you to be painfully aware of it because that just makes it better, but also because you deserve it for the level of abject hubris and ignorance you've displayed
Syhto writes at 11:22:50pm on 7/24/18
Ok, you win ^_~
One Winged Angel writes at 11:37:38am on 7/20/18
sorry, seeing your comment super late...i've been super busy as of late but if this is something you're still working on a month or later from now then i might be able to lend a hand