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Posted on: December 25, 2020, at 07:45:49pm   [0 comments]
Well, it has been about a year since I hit D3, but I only really played for the past 3 weeks this year lol. Happy to see some crazy improvements (in fact my best 38 scores are all within the past 23 days, with my top two coming 10 minutes apart today).

It's a Christmas Miracle, as I was a level 57.5 player before today but got a 59 and 62 equivalent score to push me over the level 59 edge :D

Here are my current top 25:

Here's to another year of smashing keys :^) Hopefully I stick around more this year and push myself further~
Posted on: December 17, 2020, at 09:33:21pm   [1 comment]
Well it has been far too long since I got 100 AAAs...but I decided to fully satisfy my "OCD" and update my AAA spreadsheet, as well as create a new YouTube channel dedicated to rhythm games (just ffr AAAs for now)

Right now I have 190/213 of my total AAAs recorded and uploaded, but I still need to rebeat all of my skill token and legacy AAAs I have but have not recorded yet.

I have come a bit of a ways since 100 AAAs. I am starting to see improvements again and have clawed my way from low D3 to mid D3 in just about the past 2 weeks. Since I got the channel and spreadsheet all up to date, I figured it was time to do some cleanup AAAs, and that is what a majority of 100-200 were.

I wanted AAA #200 to be more meaningful than 100 was for me, so I pushed for a bit of a harder one for my 200th, and that is iPatch's OP, a 39. My current best is a 46, albeit a pretty easy one.

My spreadsheet now automatically lists my top 25 AAAs, and this 200th one marks my current 3rd best (although I got my first booflag on a 49 just a few days ago...and have gotten low SDGs on a lot of 50s now too so it's only a matter of time before I get more 40+ AAA~)

Here are my current stats:

What I find especially neat, is that my #1 AAA when I had 100, is now my 25th best :D

Posted on: December 5, 2020, at 03:34:35pm   [1 comment]
Well, when XelNya first stepped my chiptune remix of 'Decretum' in 2018, I was good enough to consistently mid-SDG it, but struggled with some parts for improvement.

Recently I feel like I'm going through a skill improvement, not so much in the stamina/speed area, but in reading and accuracy. Decided on a whim to replay this song (I rarely touch songs below 40 diff now) and was able to finally snag that AAA on my second attempt :D Hopefully someone steps some more of my remixes in the future, as I've finally achieved this goal ;)

Posted on: December 12, 2019, at 04:06:23am   [3 comments]
Well its been a long time coming, but I'm finally D3! Almost everything I play lately is a PB so I'm looking forward to some more growth in the future :D
Posted on: July 18, 2017, at 10:36:09pm   [3 comments]
Well, it's a bit late for this, but oh well. Following in the footsteps of Precarious, I have decided to track my AAAs by the hundred, as it seems like a great idea. I've created a spreadsheet to make expansion easy as well as anything extra I may want to add later. This first screenshot will show the state of my AAAs at 123.

So AAA #100 was Digital Atmosphere, a difficulty 3 song lol. It is a purchased song, and also not my official 100th, but I cannot remember which was my actual 100th. At this time my AAA range was around up to 15 or so.
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Rivaloo writes at 10:49:33am on 2/12/21
Np 8)
Rivaloo writes at 5:17:49pm on 2/11/21
Nice scarhand
Pizza69 writes at 2:44:15am on 12/12/19
:p i suppose they've pretty much avoided your level, guess i'd better get on that...
go get that d3! you're so close!
XelNya writes at 9:04:05am on 11/23/18
I find it a tad odd you haven't been given the song title author tag yet. But yeah man. I might be interested in doing another one. I just don't chart for ffr much anymore lol
mrpreggers writes at 12:47:44pm on 11/22/18
Only took 3.5 years hehe
mrpreggers writes at 12:46:58pm on 11/22/18
gratz on getting your music in the game
uzzbuzz writes at 7:16:55pm on 9/8/18
Plateau overcome?
mrpreggers writes at 1:08:46am on 3/4/18
Precarious writes at 12:05:26am on 6/1/17
Sudden uzz sighting!
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