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LethalMutiny's Gameplay Stats Today
306 / 2399
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88 / 1500
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I am ugly and I am proud.
Fav Music:
Norwegian corn metal.
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Children of the Corn.
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Profile under construction, enjoy the bland blank background for now.

Posted on: December 8, 2014, at 03:23:01pm   [0 comments]
Finals and projects. Brb dying.

The progress... I see it
Posted on: October 29, 2014, at 08:27:12pm   [0 comments]
So I FC'd my first 70+ song (70 in this case), and it's safe to say the improvement I've seen over the last few weeks and even the last month is amazing. Hopefully once I hit a plateau I don't get discouraged and I can push through it to see what I can actually do.

Random stat stuff
Posted on: October 8, 2014, at 05:31:51pm   [0 comments]
Highest FC: Romance in the Club feat. Liquido (70)
Highest SDG: Counter Strike Gun Sounds (64)
Highest AAA: Streets (58)

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awein999 writes...
at 8:41:17pm on 4/17/17
tipsis writes...
at 10:15:01pm on 4/23/15
Godnick writes...
at 5:26:28pm on 1/22/15
improved* damn ffff typos
Godnick writes...
at 5:25:46pm on 1/22/15
You should give {Blaze} another go too! I bet you've quite a bit since your last attempt
Godnick writes...
at 5:23:48pm on 1/22/15
Wtf?! How do you did better on hellbeat v1 than v2????????
ballet dude writes...
at 12:39:29am on 1/7/15
Grats on winning those credits :P I won 160k out of it :D
CDCan writes...
at 2:39:35pm on 12/7/14
reset aaa…saw it on the front page….gg gj
klimtkiller writes...
at 6:13:46pm on 10/26/14
lol :p when mario does this certain move i start to get lag. it happened with the other bosses too which made them a real pain. sonic looks hard though, even without lag.
klimtkiller writes...
at 5:52:15pm on 10/26/14
lawl you play i wanna be the boshy. i'm stuck at mario atm because it lags. cool game tho.
CDCan writes...
at 7:53:28pm on 9/30/14
Interests: DG?!?!?! I was just throwing my new champion groove the other day….and c. beast too!
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