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The tournament I am going to start...!
Posted on: January 17, 2009, at 10:26:42pm

Dude to current groundings, I am putting the official thread later than expected. I have no clue exactly when the tourny will start, but don't get me wrong... it will start SOON.

The tournament is comming up soon, if you want to sign up early, just post in here with your ideas and such. So anyone who posts here is automatically in the tournament. I am doing this because I get lots people telling me "Ooh sounds fun count me in". So just to keep track of things....
And yes, I will send a reminder PM!

Divisions (subject to change):

Standard - Very Difficult

20 Hour Whore
xBBx Takedown

Difficult - Very Challenging

Mario Bros. spread
8 Hour Whore

Very Difficult - For Masters Only


Very Challenging - For Gurus Only

MP3 player

Very Challenging - For Gurus Only


Credits: The number by the division shows how much of the total pot each division gets. The number by each place shows how much each person gets from that divisions pot.

Expected Pot: Kudos to norsegod666

Master: 30%
1. 30% + 1 yr Subby
2. 25% + 6 month Subby
3. 20% + 3 month subby
4. 15%
5. 10%

Expert: 25%
1. 30% + 1 yr Subby
2. 25% + 6 month Subby
3. 20% + 3 month subby
4. 15%
5. 10%

Advanced: 20%
1. 30% + 1 yr Subby
2. 25% + 6 month Subby
3. 20% + 3 month subby
4. 15%
5. 10%

Intermediate: 15%
1. 30% + 1 yr Subby
2. 25% + 6 month Subby
3. 20% + 3 month subby
4. 15%
5. 10%

Beginner: 10%
1. 30% + 1 yr Subby
2. 25% + 6 month Subby
3. 20% + 3 month subby
4. 15%
5. 10%

  1. Nice, I think the extra challenges thing would be pretty cool. Which would give the non-gurus of ffr a chance.

  2. I will start the torunament in a month or 2 by the way....

  3. I think there should be prizes after every round, that way, it'll be awesome

  4. I think it should be
    "Be the best Cloud0005"
    I win
    Prize please

  5. Not everyone should win the same amount of prizes each round though.
    You could have someone thats totally rocking the compitition v.s someone who blows goats, thats not really fair if they both recieve 100 - 1k credits (rough estimate?).
    I'm in though. sounds like a worth while waste of time :)
    Tofurox is 110% concentrated sexeh.

  6. everyone who AAA's then song get a certain amount of credits. (skill level doesn't matter)
    round 1 1k
    round 2 3k
    round 3 5k
    round 4 10k
    something like that. It will make people want to AAA more songs. While still being a semi-traditional tourny. I don't think people should get credits every round in a tourny for something not related to FFR, but thats just me. I hope i helped some...

  7. The everyone winning something each round is not that great of an idea. =/
    Everyone winning something overall can be accomplished and diversified much more easily.

  8. I WIN!
    GO ME!

  9. I am definetly going to be in this so count me in too :)! I will also donate when it starts. I dont know how much at the time though.

  10. Oh and when you sign me up sign me up as my spread profile becuase I am gonna try an see how I do playing spread for the first time. I should be in intermediate if you are gonna have 5 divisions.

  11. Ill Join i guess but can you message me when it starts my inactivity gets the best of me

  12. And please dont look at my EHHS score i wanna sneak into the beginner division... Jk i guess sign me up for anything... also do the round score think like Kmay said

  13. "Ooh sounds fun count me in"

  14. Well, as long as I don't get mauled because of getting placed in too high of a division, anyways :)

  15. Do a little FFR Quiz. Test their knowledge about the site they worship. XD Ill help put that one together if done. ;)

  16. i dont know how the fk this works but anyhow count me in to whatever i'm being counted into :D

  17. I'm in. But you should just run it like the offical tournament just if there's a tiebreaker that isn't a AAA one you just eliminate everyone. (It makes sense i guess?)

  18. Cool!

  19. it should be "who can think of the best tournament" :D haha i'm jk :)

  20. im in (:

  21. how about a prize for the best masher.... aka... most boos :D.

  22. Haha, that would be interesting! Maybe in the after-tourney events.

  23. Count me in :P

  24. guess im in. ps i have vista so dont put me in advanced or something like that.

  25. i may be unknown to u... but count me in.

  26. Mash tourney.
    Oh and in.

  27. Word put me in Advanced I could use the credits xD

  28. Put me in or whatever I guess

  29. Pweese Pwut Meh In ;D

  30. You could just give me all your credits! :D

  31. In, intermediate or advanced... not sure.

  32. in expert

  33. count me in

  34. fyi justin_ator has oni :x lol

  35. Intermediate.

  36. >.< Everybody downvote TC_llama's comment!
    Just kidding. xD

  37. Sure!

  38. count me in

  39. And my name isn't on this list why?
    Honestly.. I should have a sign that says "Sign me up for all Tourneys" I'm a freaking whore expect the unexpected!

  40. I want in for sure

  41. In

  42. i'm in :D

  43. In.

  44. Could we please also get a range of difficulties for each division?

  45. in

  46. hey hey i'm in this shizzle

  47. beginner pl0x

  48. also most of these ppl are missed placed

  49. eh? Advanced sure =P
    idc where I am I'll have fun fighting my way to the top =P
    Also 20 Hour Whore is xBBx

  50. nvm sorry idk who 20 is... I'm so confused..

  51. megamon advanced, no inter. :P

  52. 8 hour, eh, i think he is inter.

  53. Everyone else in advanced has AAA'd a VC. I can barely AAA low challenging songs -___-''

  54. in for beginner

  55. oh noes, me has been placed from bigginer to Intermediate o.0 everybody shall pwn meh in this tournament xD

  56. In, sounds like this will be an epic tourney

  57. In for beginner rofl. I don't stand a chance against the people you're considering 'Intermediate' :x

  58. in for beginner

  59. zero lies
    he can AAA challengings
    he belongs in inter kthx

  60. Stick me in Master. Red needs a challenge.

  61. sign me up for beginners please. :)

  62. When are you going to start? :D

  63. zeroSKILL got two goods on Vertex Beta why is he in beginners?

  64. nvm thats sephiroth. but brian shouldnt be in beginners i've played him in mp before he can can FC FMOs.

  65. I'll look into that later, thanks.

  66. I wished you started this earlier, I'm going to stop playing FFR, so I will not be able to participate in this :(

  67. zeroSKILL have a VC BF and he can FC FMO and AAA Challenging

  68. i think everyone should be moved to intermediate and i think i should be the only one in the beginners league :p hahahha NO competition.. easy win!!!

  69. sign me up for beginner

  70. you know what would be awesome???
    that you made the prizes equal for all divisions, i mean, all the winners are the best of their divisions, so they deserve the same prizes, not because masters are better than everybody else means they deserve more creds, also 90% of them are already rich...
    just a random thought :P

  71. in

  72. this looks fun, I'll sign up

  73. I'll join in, I dunno if the signups are still open though. =O

  74. I will sign up.

  75. INN

  76. INN