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I'm a midnight toker, I'm a lover, and I'm a sinner
"Although struggle and suffering continue to repeat forever, Every person has their sins, even those who did not want them"
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LADY GAGA, Girls' Generation, BLΛƆΚPIИΚ, LOOΠΔ, æspa
Fav Movies:
The Life of Pi
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DarkProdigy writes at 6:53:15pm on 6/26/20
I have nothing to add, so here's this. Good day, sir.
DarkProdigy writes at 6:36:31pm on 6/26/20
Hey, you defaced my wall months ago; I just noticed to reply now. I searched "you started it" for a gif, but found this instead, and it's more than I hoped for.
DarkProdigy writes at 2:44:08pm on 6/26/20
2020 struck again, and turned my gif into a jpg. :<
DarkProdigy writes at 2:41:26pm on 6/26/20
Tag - you're it!
Herogashix writes at 11:05:07am on 7/26/18
wait you're still around
DN_Catastrophic writes at 8:20:32pm on 4/10/17
DarkProdigy writes at 12:59:01am on 2/6/16
DarkProdigy writes at 12:56:15am on 2/6/16
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