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Posted on: April 14, 2012, at 09:35:27am   [1 comment]
[ BF] The Essential
[ AAA] SuperMario 8bit Eighties Remix
[ AAA] Dendrite
[ AAA] SkellyBones
[ 2-0-0-0] Terror From Beyond
[ 6-1-0-0] Shag
[ 2-0-0-0] Get on the Move
[ 12-0-0-0] Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl
[ 3-0-0-0] 136.6
[ AAA] Euphoria [Anitmonie]
[ AAA] Computer Dreams
[ BF] The Return F SuperDouble
[ AAA] Freak Out
[ AAA] Alpha Helix
[ AAA] Seattle's Finest (Parental Advisory)
[ AAA] 100 Bar Blackout
[ AAA] Salad for Your Tuesday
[ AAA] Resistance
[ AAA] Spontaneous Hydroxide
[ AAA] Stay With Me FFR V1
[ BF] Crystalis - House Leaves (Remix)
[ 2-0-0-1] Legend of Zelda Remix
[ 9-1-0-0] Slap Guitar 2
[ BF] Cat Walk 2
[ BF] Too Tight
[ 5-0-0-0] Funk in G
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bmah writes at 8:58:14pm on 12/17/15
Hey there, thank you very much for the compliment. Despite my lack of presence lately, it's something I always can appreciate.
MarcusHawkins writes at 6:02:10pm on 12/16/15
Thanks for the picture comment! :D
TheSaxRunner05 writes at 9:29:51pm on 3/20/14
I generally play for a few months, then take a break for a month or so, then get back into it for a few months and so on. I've improved very slowly, but my speed and stamina recently improved enough to drop me under 200 av rank (a goal I've had for a year now).
TheSaxRunner05 writes at 6:10:07pm on 3/19/14
Nice new AAA, especially after not playing for awhile it's hard to AAA anything
DarkAngelKanna writes at 9:58:42pm on 3/9/14
I'm a huge Zelda nerd. I have one of the most ridiculous Zelda collections ever, and a sleeve (tattoo) :P
DarkAngelKanna writes at 4:54:24pm on 3/9/14
Hey, great profile! Deku Link ftw.
scottish writes at 1:36:18am on 11/2/13
Considering your comment is over a year old - my fault -, thanks! Awesome to hear how things work like that :P.
Legendary FFR Master writes at 9:48:40am on 6/7/12
nice name
Zyphoror writes at 9:40:56pm on 4/16/12
thanks for the vote :P
subin writes at 3:40:45am on 4/16/12
Haha. Well firstly I'm a guy. Secondly, Subin is my actual name. It's a Korean name that I'm using in an English manner. Thirdly, there are many Koreans out there with the same name as me - many of whom are pop-artists/models/actors/entertainers. Lastly, I'm studying Classical music, but I love to jam through all kinds of music (nu jazz, hip hop, electronica, alt.rock, pop-punk + more). Thanks for asking, but no that video has no relevance what so ever :)