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i'm laurie. i'm twenty one, female, from staten island, new york. my other username is egonomic.
ffr, law & order, painting, shopping.
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different types of metal.
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i'll sit through anything. ♪
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Posted on: October 19, 2010, at 09:39:57pm   [4 comments]

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TK_hero writes...
at 2:30:49pm on 11/21/17
Jedi_Master_Yoda writes...
at 10:38:42am on 9/6/16
long long long time no talk. how is it going Never? remember me?
DyingFetus writes...
at 4:27:54am on 12/8/15
Heyyyyy, havent been on this in years was shocked to see you have, hope youve been well :)
Scythe_Bomber writes...
at 11:46:15pm on 11/17/15
Hello random person from the olden FFR days. Coming up on ten years since your FFR registration! Celebrate with a few song plays, yeah?
kid_merkury writes...
at 10:16:54pm on 7/13/15
Phynx writes...
at 9:50:34pm on 7/1/15
I miss you probably above all others here. God, could we relate in conversation. I hope your world is as good as it can be!
If you ever wanna talk and catch up, send me a friend request on facebook(link's in my profile) and we will recall old times and chat about the now :)
Otherwise you can message me here and I will find it!
Phynx writes...
at 1:39:40am on 3/25/13
LAURIE D: I miss you... I had the most random dream of VC'ing with you. The days of old, I miss them so much. <3 if you ever see this message let me know if there is a good way to chat with you again. I'd love to catch up with you!
Rebirth0 writes...
at 9:18:55pm on 8/3/12
thanks bro, I'm proud. What have you been up to these few years?
Rebirth0 writes...
at 3:18:23am on 7/17/12
Tark writes...
at 3:21:49am on 6/14/12
Holy crap, do people still exist?
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