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wandering around in the internet, trying to learn how to have fun with this game again. never trying to be "good", only better
vsrg, poetry, music, and a bunch of nerd shit (and girls)
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things that touch my heart or make me want to dance
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Thoughts on achieving D6
Posted on: February 22, 2024, at 05:09:06pm   [2 comments]

This concludes my thoughts on achieving D6.

Frozen Finger Rumble G3 (D6) Tournament Lookback
Posted on: February 8, 2024, at 08:21:41pm   [1 comment]
Figured I'd make one of these fancy retrospectives people do for tournaments now that it's nearing the end.

== Phase 1 ==

R1: Rationalist v2 (AAA)
after resetting for this approximately 12 billion times (my honest lower bound estimate is ~900 retries) thank god i found the AAA. I didn't need this at all to pass to the next phase but it gave me a lot of confidence, so I don't regret the time I spent at all. 5th (worst MA of all AAAs)

R2: Paradoxical time leap trial (6-0-0-0)
chart is a literal slot machine, get lucky on all the BS bursts and don't mindblock the beginning. looking back i'm honestly surprised i even had ONE run this good. 8th

R3: PUPTHEBAND Inc. Is Filing For Bankruptcy (AAA)
this was an MA round, so the AAA is basically a gimme. I tried putting on a good ratio but lots of people were better than me, did my best still. 10th

Overall: 6th Place (Average 7.66)
I got through "phase 1" as the overall 6th, which was way above cutoff but was significant to my potential objective of getting a top 8. I did decently in all rounds and was ready for the next charts

== Phase 2 ==

R4: PYROMANIA (5-0-0-1)
holy shit i did REALLY good at this chart. I've always felt pretty good about this kind of chart and performing well on this was great and put me on a really high note for the rest of the phase. 1st

R5: No Ordinary Love x1.5 (7-0-0-2)
got this before i inevitably mindblocked the bullshit stream burst about 2/3rds into the chart. the score i *did* punch in was pretty nifty, though. good for 3rd

R6: Public Enemy (AAA)
another MA round, another lower-end performance from me; though this time the competition was thinned out since some people that had surpassed me on MA back on R3 not being able to AAA, not needing to, or simply not participating. 5th (out of 6 AAAs)

Overall: 1st Place (Average 3.00)
not gonna lie, this made me REALLY happy. only at this point i started genuinely believing in top 3. i put some work into this round and felt very rewarded, and went into r7 with a lot of confidence

== Final Rounds ==

Round 7: Tuberculosis x1.15 (18-1-0-4)
when I first did this score, I think I was 2nd out of 2. I tried improving it a few times to no avail, and I was honestly just waiting to be knocked out of top 3... and then I wasn't. ngl it was a bit terrifying seeing that literally nobody else could play the chart at all

ended up getting top 3 as 2nd place

Round 8: The Bird's Poisoned Bathwater x1.2 (41-0-3-4)

here we are. it's less than 4 hours until the end of the tournament and i have NO SHOT at improving this. congratulations to AAAorQUIT and InstaKill195 for the great R8 showing! i still feel kinda like i overperformed but I'm glad with how things went. It's been a while since I've had much to be proud about honestly. ggs and time to grind for OT17

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ingcoliptis writes...
at 3:07:17pm on 2/23/24
Congrats on clearing ffr dan 6 : d !
MysticChromium writes...
at 8:45:50pm on 2/22/24
gogno on diivj9iisoni 667666
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at 12:13:49am on 2/22/24
ingcoliptis writes...
at 7:23:42pm on 2/8/24
2bil POG
ambi. writes...
at 5:47:11pm on 1/13/24
Almost 1 billion grand total in one day lezgoooo
ingcoliptis writes...
at 4:34:50pm on 1/13/24
200 fc sibs
Black_Shield writes...
at 7:25:29pm on 1/11/24
1 billion already wtfuuuuck
ingcoliptis writes...
at 3:49:09am on 1/8/24
( . .) (. . )
( づ🏳️‍🌈⊂ )
ambi. writes...
at 3:35:42am on 1/8/24
( . .) (. . )
( づ🏳️‍🌈⊂ )
ambi. writes...
at 3:35:16am on 1/8/24
( . .) (. . )
( づ🏳️‍🌈⊂ )
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