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I play index.
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SK8R43 writes at 2:31:01pm on 8/16/22
damn nice carlinism aaa
CrashTheBoard writes at 11:07:53pm on 8/3/22
Rapta best index player
mrpreggers writes at 9:55:35pm on 6/30/22
ah you changed your avatar!!
Rapta writes at 5:46:49pm on 12/13/21
sock puppet
XelNya writes at 8:59:19pm on 11/8/21
the anime is hella good
CrashTheBoard writes at 8:38:49pm on 10/18/21
You're very welcome handpanda ily
-Fallen- writes at 8:47:41pm on 9/29/21
I still play occasionally from the desktop R3 engine but I haven't participated on the forums in many, many years, with the exception being 2 years ago when I broke the news of banditcom's passing to the community vets.
FusionX- writes at 2:16:25pm on 9/27/21
haha not as good as some of the other players on this site! But, thank you for the compliment!! :D
ositzxz369 writes at 11:57:25pm on 9/24/21
Nice pa
Fallaise writes at 1:27:44am on 1/21/19
the cutest