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Posted on: February 8, 2008, at 01:57:59am   [0 comments]
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I missed the old days of FFR mp and old school players.
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TK_hero writes at 11:00:14am on 5/27/17
love you
TD_Pnai writes at 11:04:37pm on 8/6/13
pretty much LOL. i mean i play from time to time, and i'm mostly playing stepmania during the school semester. but it's nice because it IS like another fb! it's nice to see some old friends on this site d:
TD_Pnai writes at 5:12:35pm on 7/31/13
it's not that i still play. it's that whenever someone comments, i always come back at a convenient time to reply back LOL. you have a good summer too!
x-SarangHae-x writes at 6:19:38pm on 10/8/12
Hey~ I'm MiYeon. C:
zephix writes at 4:45:59pm on 9/18/12
ooooooolddddd lol :)
zephix writes at 4:30:04pm on 8/17/12
look my gameplays count and my tokens :)
Trowaman90 writes at 1:41:51pm on 12/10/11
A YUI fan awesome! What's your fave song from her?
TV_CHBY writes at 1:09:42am on 1/14/11
get unbanned already nigga!
furioso6660 writes at 4:56:55am on 1/5/11
TD_Prisoner writes at 10:43:41pm on 11/4/10
yo man whats good, hit me up if you remember me haha