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Hey All
Posted on: June 7, 2011, at 08:24:06pm   [1 comment]
Hi everyone that comes onto this page. I now rarely check this account. If you want to reach me, message me on -pureSKILL-
Hope to talk to you all soon :)

Posted on: July 11, 2009, at 09:37:46pm   [0 comments]

You want to argue with me. I'm not that bored.
I apologize without understanding. I'm not that smart.
I want to go back to where we began.

You are crying again. I fail to give you comfort.
I'm shaking my head again (disapproving of my actions), with much regret.
Love's progression makes it hard to turn back, but I'm unable to move on.

My body still wont leave because of what is currently in my chest. Two hearts can solve many problems.
How many tears has love made us shed?

Your eyes, brimming with beauty, carry away my heartbeat.
In this way, you draw closer to take away my heartbeat.
Time has turned back to the beginning. Can you give me a moment?

I'm waiting for the day when you will also remember, the happiness hovering in your memories.

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SD_dk writes...
at 8:40:09pm on 6/19/13
Ello :o
Brandon Negron writes...
at 7:11:14am on 6/22/11
thanx for the add beautyful cute profile pic :)
cheesecube666 writes...
at 12:08:29pm on 3/27/11
Heey, don't know if you still play, or if you still even remember me! But long time noo talk yuki!! Whats going on? I missed you tons! You use to be one of my best friends! would be nice to talk again. ;D
skyicewolf writes...
at 12:29:18pm on 3/26/11
Ey! Yuki! Long time eh? We should play sometime I miss playing against a good player lol.
BerZerkR writes...
at 12:49:13pm on 3/16/11
L_eMo_N writes...
at 6:14:49pm on 12/18/10
haha pshaw, i know you bobbie, and i know you spilled the hot water on purpose!!!!
its fun catching up, im glad we're talking again.
L_eMo_N writes...
at 12:07:05pm on 12/18/10
oh what a jerk!!! i would shoop da woop his face?
maybe he was just teasing though >.< coworkers are usually jackass' to each other, at least through my experience xD
and i promise you, you dont look like a man with boobs, i look like a man with boobs :D
L_eMo_N writes...
at 2:11:17am on 12/18/10
aww.. why thank you, im glad you think so >.<
but that's soooo untrue! who told you that??? i highly highly doubt anyone, especially a man, would ever dare say that to anyones face. don't listen to that though, you're a very pretty girl :] im sure you've heard that a million times more than bad comments.
L_eMo_N writes...
at 11:04:58am on 12/17/10
ohhhh, haha bobbie! you know me better than that xD
but yah, omg, this past few years my self esteem has gotten soooooooo low, not to mention it was low to begin with, so i will not take a single compliment O_O
but ahhhh, im sorry for missing the comment, and omg..
that sounds really tough, eldest to youngest, starting with women first, then men >.<
and i bet you're just making yourself sound a lot worse than you actually are haha, i bet you're the best looking waitress there ^_^
i would look absolutely silly, probably have to cut my hair, if not a hair net... with fancy clothes... icky haha.
L_eMo_N writes...
at 3:26:17am on 12/17/10
haha omg, you know whats weird? i didn't even see the super long comment under your tiny one xDDD
gahhh, how do you even manage that? that sounds extremely rigorous... and if you're able to do that and still be giddy and find time to write back, omg o.o
haha you're my hero.
oh, and the place you work seems really fancy, although the website for fortworth isnt quite up yet xD
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