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batsh!t insane bike riding
Posted on: April 23, 2011, at 09:11:52pm   [11 comments]

Do you profile surf?
Posted on: December 14, 2010, at 07:42:26pm   [12 comments]
Have you ever went from profile to profile out of complete boredom? I'd consider profile surfing as jumping to at least two or more different profiles directly from profile pages only.

copy and paste this into the address bar
Posted on: July 29, 2009, at 10:04:42pm   [7 comments]
javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.images; DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i-DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position='absolute'; DIS.left=Math.sin(R*x1+i*x2+x3)*x4+x5;*y1+i*y2+y3)*y4+y5}R++}setInterval('A()',5); void(0);

Self-reflection on my FFR simfiles
Posted on: July 28, 2009, at 06:43:50pm   [7 comments]
Just like a few other simfile artists have done, I'll reserve this spot on my profile to write my thoughts on the simfiles I've made for FFR. I tend to talk about background info and less on the steps, since most people wouldn't care to analyze the steps. Feel free to comment however you like.

Heel and Toe: The first file to go into FFR, but not the first one submitted or accepted. This is an easier one I deliberately made, just to balance out the difficulty of the simfiles I make in general. I like the song, but the steps are nothing spectacular really - the fact that it was the first steps I made that got in the game left a slightly distasteful first impression on some people when the song came out. Kinda boring.

For Your Love: This was the first accepted file I made. I like house music, and FFR lacks this stuff, so I wanted to step this song. I think the steps are fun, albeit inaccurate at many places. I would've liked to add a few arrows here and there if I had the chance.

StarmineX -HappyHyperStarmiX-: I'm a big fan of the beatmania IIDX series, so this song tributes the original Starmine song by Ryu*. I found this song on Youtube, and Rebirth0 provided me with the mp3. The steps are fun but again there are inaccuracies that I would've liked to fix. Probably the first simfile that people really liked. If this isn't happy, then I don't know what is.

Radius ~Hacker No Yabou~: Another KURi-ZiLL song translating to "Radius ~A Hacker's Ambition~" according to Xx{Midday}xX, but with an obvious video game flavor to it. I'm not sure if this song is related to any game, but it sounds a lot like Gradius material. If this song indeed came from an actual game, the song genre would be "Game Remix" instead. As for the steps, the straightforward 8ths and 16th patterns in the first half of the song is something I would've liked to have changed; it's boring now. Also, the weird trill that everyone hates took me the longest time to figure out how to sync. It's still not stepped completely accurately - if I did, the steps would be rejected for avmisses back when that was an issue. Finally, this song appeared in the FFR Official Tournament in round 3 for the D3 division.

101 Kittens: Originally self-submitted, but it eventually became a collab with stargroup. He made what the judges concluded was a "slightly better file". The obvious way to satisfy both of us was to do a collab. We both went over each of our files very closely, and while he nor I can agree 100% on everything, the resulting file is a really nice compromise. Quite fun, but long, plus it sounds silly too.

*Twinklesky*: Why the hate for this song?! I think it's a cute Kirby song with cool steps. However, I am a bit miffed at how I was forced to change the 24th flute patterns to satisfy the no-avmiss-steps rule years ago. The original 24th patterns were more pitch-relevant than it is now.

Xeno-Flow: Xenon marries Airflow and has a child, which is Xeno-Flow. People who play DDR or IIDX would definitely recognize melodies in this song. Known for being quite difficult as a VC, AAAing this is an "accomplishment" to most. I personally don't think the steps are that daunting.

What's What: Apparently this is my most popular simfile, with over 38,000 people playing it. Dunno why. Maybe people dig DDR-like dance songs. Anyways, I originally got the song and steps from foonmix. I made my own edit steps for fun. When I heard that jimerax got permission from the artist Yu, I submitted this edit into FFR. If I submitted this song after the avmiss fix, I would've certainly changed some patterns around and create more jacks.

Okusenman! -Hardcore Mix-: This is song level #1000 on FFR's song database! The song is a remix of Dr. Wily's Theme from Megaman, and is also a meme on the internet. It's a medium-difficulty song that's easy to play. Mostly just 8th runs and a few 16ths.

Happy Rainbow: This is a token song, and because the token requirement is a tall order for most FFR players, few people have played this song. This was one of the first simfiles I submitted for FFR, but it took at least 5 resubmissions before this song was accepted - a mark to my persistence heh. Steps are fast and straightforward, with an ending that might throw some people off. Again, another super happy song.

Seagull: If you're a Pop'n Music fan, you might recognize that this song is a remix of Penguin by NAKATEK. An easy song with parts that would've obviously have been layered more if FFR had more than four arrows, since there are a lot of overlayering chords and instruments.

WAIWAI230: An initially rejected simfile, Rebirth0 helped me edit this file, and because of his status as a judge, the file was accepted, despite having 8th jacks at 230 BPM that would have certainly caused avmisses back then. Now it doesn't really matter. I would've definitely added more 8th jumps now to the middle of the song if I redid the steps.

Necropotence: This song comes from t+pazolite's free Unlimited Spark! album. I originally submitted this simfile for an event one year in which Tass invited everyone to submit FMOs and FGOs. This was rejected by the judges. Later on, jimerax offered to have this song in the game if I made it even harder by adding isolated 32nd bursts all over the simfile. I personally hate the song, as it makes my ears bleed, but people apparently like it, and it's certifiably approved by Shashakiro.

Angel Stays On This Ground -Vocal Remix-: An older simfile that went into the game much later, mainly as a result of Tass going into a frenzy on purchased songs (it was an outlet to release queued files in the game that were sitting over a long period of time). Vocals are admittedly less than beautiful, but could be worse, according to other vocal songs I've listened to from Silvia. Steps are a bit harder than the normal VD, but I don't see people complaining.

Lapis -The Heavens Remix-: Another simfile sitting in the queue forever until it was released as a purchased song. This song is a remix of a remix of a song (lol) from IIDX, called Abyss -The Heavens Remix-. Steps are a bit harder than the usual 9, but it fits like a T to the song. Be sure you're good at 16th jumpstreams.

Kanon-Kanon: The song name is actually something longer that I can't be bothered to list here. At 220 BPM, this is a devilishly hard VC. Song is a remix of Pachebel Canon, and probably some other Touhou song that I don't know. Having trouble on hitting 220 BPM trills? Hint: don't play spread on this one! :D

moon_child -Go with the flow-: A simfile with a lot of different patterns and stuff going on, including jacks, 16th jumpstreams, and fast bursts. The song is a remix of an IIDX song that goes by the same name. If there were more sounds to layer to, I definitely would've made the chart just as difficult as the IIDX notechart. Also, according to Tass, the file reminds him of "Reach and FFR around 2003" (?_?).

Summer Time Perfume: Another example of a "very hard VC", except that there were enough complaints to bump this song up to an FMO, which I think is pretty borderline at most. I had a lot of fun stepping this, and I could've made it even harder, but I think people would kill me for that. Also, this would be my last FFR file for quite a while until the following year.

You're My Number One: Cheesy lyrics, amirite? But I like the song in the way that it's a soul-pop-twostep genre that you don't often hear on FFR. A song with a swingy beat, there are 12ths and 24ths everywhere. I originally labelled this as a VD, but according to other people, this is a high C. I guess I'm pretty bad at rating song difficulties. Finally, if you recognize this song, then it's probably because you've played or listened to Sonic R, which came out for Sega Saturn.

Piano Concerto No. 1 'ANTI-ARES' (For Kirby): This song is a remixed potpourri of several other songs from the Kirby and Bemani series. The main song (and steps) revolves around IIDX's Scorpion Fire. The songs you'll hear are: Scorpion Fire (IIDX), Green Greens (Kirby), Float Islands (Kirby), murmur twins (IIDX), Lucy (IIDX), My Airplane (Pop'n Music), Ripple Field (Kirby), Kirby Superstar Deluxe ending (Kirby). How many can you recognize?

Caixa D'Aqua: The genre MPB is an acronym for "Música Popular Brasileira", and it's pretty much latin-infused bossa nova. The song has roots to IIDX's Tizona d'El Cid. The file itself is colorful and has all sorts of rhythms. IDK why some people dislike this song. Maybe it's bad singing again?

Sexperation: Probably one of the "gayest" (not in the derogatory sense) songs on FFR. No, I am not gay. I chose stepping this song because I'm a fan of synths typical of the 80s, and Virt did an excellent job of portraying that genre. Also, I wanted to show that Virt isn't all about chiptunes and bleep bloop.

Time To Eye: More like time to gouge my eyes out. This song is obviously a remix of IIDX's Time To Air. The song's equally as fast, and to sweeten the deal, I added a lot of stupid bursts (the 48ths!_!) probably because I felt like an asshole when stepping this. However, since this song was perceived as an FGO instead of an FMO, it doesn't seem half as bad. Perfect file to "isolate" a section and practice upon it.

Laser Shooter: Gradius! What else? I know there are way better remixes of this popular tune, but I was trying to find something to step for a new song artist. The entire song is actually rather boring, so what you're playing is pretty much the only part worth listening to. Meh. Also, this is my first song to be released after FFR's big revival.

memories [KURi-ZiLL]: Lyrical, easy song. The singing might be painful to some but I was surprised that the song and file were both positively received by many. Hope novices enjoy this song.

Koisuru VOC@LOID: The lyrics for this song is sung entirely by the automated wonder, Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. The song was initially planned to be stepped as a VD, but it turned out to be a bit harder than that. I personally think this song's cute in a way.

reveal yourself: Techno-trancish song that was slated to be released for ITG 3, which we know never happened due to Konami's lawsuit. Song was released for FFR's 2010 Christmas event.

Floating Hour: This is the first song featured on paraoka's 2006 album called マテリアル (Materiaru). Like several other files I've made, the steps yet again skirm the VC/FMO difficulty line. You'll see everything in this file: jacks, hands, 24ths, 32nds, polyrhythms, speed change, and even a nerve-wracking ending. Many people find this song fun to play, but AAAing is a different story. Song was released for FFR's 2010 Christmas event.

BEER: Token song released for the New Year of 2011. Enjoy the sound clips of all beer-related things.

BEER MY FRIEND: Token song released for the New Year of 2011. This sounds actually more appropriate for a New Year party. Watch for a bunch of jacks near the end of the song.

Puzzle: A collab with leonid, and his first file in FFR as well. We made this file around two years before its release. Leonid was just learning how to step at this time, and now he's a proficient stepper! This song is quite short, but yet another file that borders on the VC-FMO line. Song is available in the Secret genre if you have at least 28k tokens.

Miraiya: This song is from paraoka's 2008 album "便所飯選手権" and is a happy J-pop song. The steps to this song have a lot of minijacks that follow bass synths. A popular file for many.

Fly away -mix del matador-: Although there's a song of the exact same name and remix on DDR, this is yet another remix that departs from the Latin flavor of the initial remix. A noticeable portion of the steps was modified by jimerax as well. The steps themselves have a good amount of variety, with a fair number of swing patterns.

Gene Gadget Zone: Another song by Richard Jacques. This time, it's from the Sega Saturn/PC version of Sonic 3D. The file has some intense moments, but for a large part is chill.

honki sentai majirenjaa: A song that apparently derives from a sentai show (think Power Rangers). Hard steps, with a lot of minijacks in certain sections of the song. I personally like the song itself, excluding the vocals. A really technical file.

Camel: Downtempo song with tricky rhythms. Watch out for quick triples that go to delicate flute sounds. I personally really enjoy this song. Watch the video made just for this song on Youtube!

In the Wind: ?????

Ready to go: ?????

Flesvelka: ?????

JULIA: ?????

JULIAN: ?????

Posted on: April 9, 2009, at 03:23:10am   [13 comments]

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