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He/him I'm a penguin currently doing grad school in math/CS stuff. I can be a bit shy, but feel free to message me if you'd like to chat! Discord (benguin#2966)
Other than SM or FFR: Penguins, Clarinet, Karaoke, Programming, Math, Photoshop, Photography, Anime, Board Games
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Posted on: July 8, 2020, at 02:40:58am   [0 comments]
I'm going to ghost all divisions and see where I end up in each.

Round 1:
D1: Jump Up, Super Star!, AAA sightread
D2: Darkside, AAA sightread
D3: Rain [Astronaut], 4-0-0-0 sightread
D4: SAIKOU, AAA sightread
D5: RENDEZVOUS, sightread was over 50 lol, 10-0-0-0
D6: Kiss the sexy robot ultimate championship 201X!!!, 75-3-9-4 sightread, 46-6-8-9
D7: Inferno of Fomalhaut, 218-10-64-21 sightread
D8: G e n g a o z o, 567-57-235-104 sightread

Result: Moving on to Round 2 for Divisions 1 through 5

Round 2:
D1: Embrace, AAA sightread
D2: Child Protective Services Theme Song [Standard], 2-0-0-0 sightread
D3: Cheeseburger, 4-0-0-0 sightread
D4: INSERT COIN, 6-0-0-1
D5: Sunset Sky Garden, 33-2-2-7

Result: Moving on to Round 3 for Divisions 1 through 5

Round 3:
D1: Change Yourself [Light], AAA (sightread)
D2: TURBO, BF (sightread)
D3: MIDI Beach, 2-0-0-0 (sightread)
D4: Pizza Hat, 9-1-1-2 (sightread), 6-0-0-0
D5: Ani Mevushal, 14-2-4-5 (sightread), 10-1-2-5

Result: Moving on to Round 3 for Divisions 1 through 5
Note: This is the first time I've made it to Round 4 in D5! :D

Round 4:
D1: Tap on Damen, 1-0-0-0 (sightread)
D2: Breakout [Standard], 0-0-0-0 (sightread)
D3: Bad Boy, 8-0-6-1 (sightread, had technical difficulties lol), 4-0-1-1
D4: Breakout [Heavy], 14-1-2-4 (sightread), 7-0-1-1
D5: Smash and Burn, 4-0-0-0

Result: Moving on to Round 3 for Divisions 1 through 5.
I managed to get Top 16 in D5, wow! :D
Posted on: January 19, 2019, at 08:24:55pm   [9 comments]
This random thought is for those that have placed first in their division for the Excite Bike Spon Con for the FFR Unofficial 2018 tournament.

As you all know, on my profile, there are 16 slots for the "top 16". As a prize for the spon con, you're free to occupy one of these slots for all of 2019. I've numbered the slots as follows:

1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6, 7, 8
9, 10, 11, 12
13, 14, 15, 16

If you'd like to occupy a slot, just tell me which number slot you'd like as a comment below. The slots are on a first-come first-serve basis so if someone picks a particular slot, you can't pick that same slot.

If you don't have me added as a friend and you'd like a slot, please send me a friend request to expedite the process!
Posted on: October 15, 2016, at 08:16:04am   [1 comment]
Gonna start playin' a bit again. These goals were ~stolen~ inspired by Charmoeleon!

Updated: 12/19/2018

[ ] = not obtained
[x] = obtained
[~] = obtained previously, but currently unobtained

Current: 1390
[x] 1300 Public FCs
[ ] 1400 Public FCs
[ ] 1500 Public FCs
[ ] 100% Public FCs
Current: 44
[X] AAA all 1-29 songs (excluding Legacy/Token)
[x] AAA all 30-34 songs (excluding Legacy/Token)
[x] AAA all 34-39 songs (excluding Legacy/Token)
[x] AAA all 40-44 songs (excluding Legacy/Token)
[ ] AAA all 45-49 songs (excluding Legacy/Token)
[ ] AAA everything
Current: 807
[x] 650 Public AAAs
[x] 700 Public AAAs
[x] 750 Public AAAs
[x] 800 Public AAAs
[ ] 850 Public AAAs
[ ] all Public AAAs
Current: 15,149,018,595
[x] 13,000,000,000 Grand Total Score
[x] 14,000,000,000 Grand Total Score
[x] 15,000,000,000 Grand Total Score
[ ] 16,000,000,000 Grand Total Score
[ ] 150,000,000,000 Grand Total Score
Current: 170.35
[x] Average Rank less than 200.0
[x] Average Rank less than 195.0
[x] Average Rank less than 190.0
[x] Average Rank less than 185.0
[x] Average Rank less than 180.0
[x] Average Rank less than 175.0
[ ] Average Rank less than 170.0
[ ] Average Rank less than 165.0
[ ] Average Rank less than 160.0
[ ] Average Rank is 1.0
Current: 84
[x] Top 150 by Average Rank rank
[x] Top 100 by Average Rank rank
[x] Top 90 by Average Rank rank
[x] Top 85 by Average Rank rank
[ ] Top 80 by Average Rank rank
[ ] Top 1 by Average Rank rank
Current: 299
[x] Top 500 by FFR Rank
[x] Top 475 by FFR Rank
[x] Top 450 by FFR Rank
[x] Top 425 by FFR Rank
[x] Top 400 by FFR Rank
[x] Top 375 by FFR Rank
[x] Top 350 by FFR Rank
[x] Top 325 by FFR Rank
[x] Top 300 by FFR Rank
[ ] Top 275 by FFR Rank
[ ] Top 1 by FFR Rank
Current: 571
[x] Get 525 Tier Points
[x] Get 550 Tier Points
[ ] Get 575 Tier Points
[ ] Get all Tier Points
Current: 200
[x] Top 200 by Tier Point rank
[~] Top 190 by Tier Point rank
[ ] Top 180 by Tier Point rank
[ ] Top 1 by Tier Point rank
[x] Become D5
[ ] Become D6
[ ] Become D7
[ ] Become Staiain
Posted on: August 16, 2016, at 08:45:29am   [0 comments]
So colorful
Many circles
Much readable
Posted on: August 9, 2016, at 12:36:36am   [1 comment]
It's about time I had a new random thought. I have no topic for this one though...quite random indeed.
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Long time no see! Hows it been?
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before looking closely, i thought the duck in ur FFR pfp was something else :eyes:
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just sent you a bunch of questions on, enjoy
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hey. suspended your ask me anything account (benguino). do you have any idea when or why that happened? i'm guessing it's because they didn't like the detailed three-part response about kidnapping someone's children and turning them into an external hard drive, but i don't know. do you still have your amazing answer to that particular question lying around somewhere, and if so, could you send them to me please? thanks
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Reuben, old friend! Long time, no see!
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