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Dan "Razor" Devilz
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Retired FFR Player, Simfile Judge and Profile Moderator. Still lurking here from time to time.
CSR Racing 2.
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Razor's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Finding A WayRock23-06-11
teraholicNu-Style Gabba12-04-12
Totsugeki! Glass no Kneesocks Hime!J-Core02-06-12
Retro CityElectrostep22-01-13
QuarkFreeform Hardcore12-02-13
Devilz Staircase Symphonic Breakbeats07-03-13
CelsusValkyrie Breaks04-05-13
SigSigMakina Remix10-08-13
Stories Can Wait (Virtual Riot Remix)Neurofunk24-10-13
Prove Them WrongNeurofunk31-10-13
Aishiteru Yo NeElectrostep07-11-13
KodomoraibuWarabe Step18-12-14
Comment wall
XCV writes at 8:45:39pm on 3/2/21
It's wild that you still have this profile.
The5thMoon writes at 6:22:37am on 12/21/20
Hey you said you added me on your other account on league but i didnt get a request wtf
ULTIMEGA writes at 1:51:46am on 9/29/20
Ain't heard from ya in a while. Hope you're doing good, man.
DN_Catastrophic writes at 10:25:25pm on 7/11/20
You found me!!
Haha yeah man.. I try to pop in every now and then to see if anything is going down! How you been bro?
TSB_[Fusion] writes at 4:16:41am on 7/18/18
hey mate, sorry i didnt see your comment before. Yeah of course i still exist, i just play this game here and there when im bored, ive actually got pretty shit at the game now tbh xD
-Blue7- writes at 2:05:38am on 2/7/18
ay u played a few games woop
Sky Kitten writes at 8:09:16am on 10/17/17
Miss you too <3
Sanjixcon writes at 4:46:26pm on 7/12/17
ur profile is so cool dude
The5thMoon writes at 6:39:02am on 6/16/17
DarkZtar writes at 10:19:32am on 9/7/16
It's definitely one of my better files. We're playing Sampling Paradise on the DF engine for the DF tourney right now and its a pretty great file too (minus that super troll jack) haha.