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B4rbi3 writes...
at 1:23:42am on 8/1/08
Hey there Remeber Me giselleffr??? i havent talked to you in a while. We should unless you wanna use msn...cuz you dont like ffr?
ok cya
speed_demon9 writes...
at 9:50:47pm on 5/26/08
hey babe, you commented me like a million years ago. I just saw them lol :]
what's up?
SheASheA77 writes...
at 4:52:19pm on 12/31/07
do u have a myspace?
SheASheA77 writes...
at 2:39:59pm on 11/9/07
*gasp* IT TALKS!!!! so wish u were here! n u should see how long my hair is, is awesome! lol at least for me... its taken me two years to get it back to a long length lol. missin talkin to u bunches. glad ur still in touch though. luv yas, ttyl
*huggles* -shea
angel_behaving_badly writes...
at 3:40:34pm on 11/7/07
lolz thanks wat u been up too?
Aki*Hisakata_66 writes...
at 3:30:28pm on 11/2/07
hey hey
my addy is...
lol yeah long... i know xD
Aki*Hisakata_66 writes...
at 11:42:45pm on 10/31/07
NEVER! I'll never stop messaging you! read it... xD
goddamn, it's been like FOREVER... and I wanna speak to yoouuuu!
~sessh o.o
Pieter12345 writes...
at 12:47:29pm on 8/9/07
thumbs up for you! i'll hope you'll vote back :)
angel_behaving_badly writes...
at 2:56:37pm on 7/21/07
hey there buddy u shoud looky at meh new pics!
SheASheA77 writes...
at 5:22:32pm on 7/16/07
I'm gonna message u n e ways cuz i miss u a ton and i'm only gonna b on here for a little while so i just popped in to say hi and it'd b real awesmoe to hear from you even if u dont wanna say hi ... uhhhhhh... lol remember champion??? hahaha still as dumb as ever...i think...i dont really know. well w/e i'll ttyl ttyl then ^.^ and yeah this place is stupid like a myspace now but i still wanted to say hi. that is all
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