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I'm Jared, aka Jeraldine the Fairy. I'm a single, middle-aged woman who has many dreams of leading feminist groups to make a difference in the beautiful world we live in. #WomanEmpowerment. I'm pretty sexy, but you can't touch me just because I'm sexy. I also am a nudist who loves to flaunt what my mama gave me, but you can't touch me because of that either. I'm a very deep thinker who has a great understanding of the finer things in life. I am a strong women who can do anything a man can. But if you want to get with me, you need to have a good and stable job, be handsome, be strong, and willing to do whatever I say. Otherwise you're oppressing me. xoxoxo Byeeee.
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A Lot
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Too Many
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- FFR 12th Official Tournament: Division 7 - Participant
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.haley lovely. writes...
at 1:31:18pm on 4/24/21
I just saw your comment LOL! I'm still here from time to time to play! Hope you're doing well! I miss the old days for sure! We kicked ass!
Rivaloo writes...
at 8:38:42am on 1/26/21
1400 fcs
TK_hero writes...
at 11:08:08pm on 1/9/21
Gravity Kitten writes...
at 7:12:26pm on 2/6/20
1337h4xz0r writes...
at 5:29:20am on 2/18/19
Hi >:)
Starlight562 writes...
at 10:38:41pm on 1/15/19
rookiejunior writes...
at 10:28:42pm on 6/21/18
how are things for you?
rookiejunior writes...
at 4:48:57pm on 5/3/18
bro its been so long since we talked
Starlight562 writes...
at 9:31:55pm on 4/21/17
Just popping in to make sure I'm still ur #1 friend for life.
Preg Jr writes...
at 7:17:37pm on 8/18/16
Get on league :P
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