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ElectroRobotic writes at 1:02:30am on 12/10/19
My, how things change. This place looks like a reminder of what once was.
ElectroRobotic writes at 11:15:29pm on 1/3/12
Happy after New Year! I had a good one :)
Kanone writes at 9:09:35pm on 12/26/11
Thank you! I'm sure I will. ^-^
Ardelia writes at 2:14:14pm on 12/25/11
thank you! and merry chritmas!
ElectroRobotic writes at 10:52:57am on 12/25/11
Merry Christmas, Everybody!
NickGallagher7 writes at 12:45:42am on 12/24/11
I don't haha ):. which is why I need to drop out of the tournament. (insert random face roll key mash here)
NickGallagher7 writes at 12:19:52am on 12/24/11
yeah that sucks I have to dictate everything I want to type to my computer now which is really annoying and one in the morning. But I mean is surprisingly fast to type like this unless I have to correct something
ElectroRobotic writes at 12:14:20am on 12/24/11
chocobothief12 writes at 12:13:25am on 12/24/11
are you an alt?
NickGallagher7 writes at 12:09:43am on 12/24/11
oh just raging because my keyboard broke, what about you?