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im an otaku like konata. i am easy going not at all a bad guy, and just obsesed with anime, i no when is too much wich is why i dont go that far in real life. (0__o), I'm a completely random person in the funny way and i'm not a pervert, if you thought that by seeing my pics, i'm just a collector is all.
i love anime, games, a mix of both,(anime games) and manga, i also love playing online games in where people are cool and not complete douches like my life as a noob (some guys profile hes a dick) :D making people laugh is one of my top priorities as well as keeping them entertained with other things because thats just fun for both me and them.
Fav Music:
Japanese music is my favorite music mainly. If you want a sample of what i listen to try Kotoko, hehe i got over 50 songs under that category, they're awsome! X3 but all in all i'm not really picky,if it sounds good to me i'll listen to it.
Fav Movies:
classic anime movies like Totoro, metropolis (anime version), grave of the fire flies, you know... The good stuff. (=w=) i'm also all about the comedy as well like scary movie or something like that but i still like the funny anime movies the best.
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Nisa Gamindrustri writes...
at 11:20:24am on 9/26/12
Nice music you got there haha
Otaku_Penguin writes...
at 12:36:36am on 12/22/11
I miss you soooo muuuuch <3
Fluvs writes...
at 11:44:36pm on 11/7/11
No you are because your using inderpnet :P
OrihimeChan writes...
at 10:10:10am on 8/27/11
Excuse me, but... Did you just lose the game? :D
Fluvs writes...
at 2:59:33pm on 6/15/11
ah I still remember what you said to me and you quote "you mustn't run away from a goal,
Run away and you will be ashamed,
A void will build up inside you,
Finish you goal,
and a satisfactory feeling will overcome you,
Hence your void wull be filled." yup I remember =w= lol xD
Fluvs writes...
at 11:58:27pm on 5/17/11
psh fear the sun goddess with every elemental powers!!!! >=O
Fluvs writes...
at 11:41:05pm on 5/17/11
psh I'm a wolf fear me!!!
icontrolyourworld writes...
at 8:59:40pm on 5/17/11
here's the full pic if it helps :)
sakura080789 writes...
at 8:58:55pm on 5/17/11
haha i certainly do
sakura080789 writes...
at 8:54:24pm on 5/17/11
thats a requirement of being an otaku
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