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Playing FFR, hanging out with my friends,Working on my car, playing guitar, listening to music, partying.
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I like pretty much all kinds of music
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Posted on: November 26, 2008, at 08:53:51pm   [0 comments]
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clasko1000 writes at 6:36:53pm on 10/9/13
Awww shit dude, Initial D profile, This is nice.
missiekix_06 writes at 12:21:22pm on 10/3/13
Yay LoZ :D
Emi! writes at 10:55:31pm on 9/28/13
Thank you ^,^!
condoct writes at 10:53:30pm on 9/27/13
You're in luck, I have about two I'm working on. One of them I just finished. Look forward to them.
i_am_phenomenon writes at 11:53:49am on 8/29/13
you appear to have decent music taste, sir.
killionair writes at 8:23:55am on 8/29/13
i gave you a vote back :)
ipk245 writes at 1:22:06pm on 8/13/13
popsicle_3000 writes at 10:17:49pm on 10/25/12
lol we have the exact same # of profile votes. you've been around a while, do you post much in the forums?
Winrar writes at 5:43:02pm on 10/18/12
Ontario \o/
blerpmaster writes at 6:27:00pm on 10/10/12
"Any song that has a breakdown i like it" haha nice