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When life gives you black and white make grey
Programming, Math, Languages, Classical Guitar
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Lincoln Park
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FFR EvolutionTechno11-05-05
SnowflakesAmbient Techno12-05-05
Tribal TranscendencyTribal27-05-05
Pondering StuffDrum'n Bass18-06-05
Uber Rave v2Rave30-09-05
Dr. Wily Theme #1 v2Rock14-10-05
12 Bar BloopsChiptune29-07-11
Random Thoughts
Posted on: March 26, 2012, at 06:38:27pm   [2 comments]
can't test with just one ~
Posted on: March 26, 2012, at 06:38:00pm   [2 comments]
for science
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beetza writes at 5:58:28pm on 9/11/21
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 12:34:09pm on 9/1/21
!! gj appy !!
Godnick writes at 9:03:24pm on 8/31/21
Dang Aperson! Grats on advancing to D7 and all those recent super clean scores on really tricky harsh stuff! Keep it up!
Rapta writes at 7:57:13pm on 8/30/21
D7! :poggo:
PrawnSkunk writes at 6:19:18pm on 8/30/21
congrats on realD 7D!
FlynnMac writes at 3:29:48pm on 7/6/21
Did you play in the 6th Official Tournament by any chance? Couldn't tell from the badges
Hakulyte writes at 12:01:08am on 7/1/21
I think I upvoted you in 2005 or something lol.
nickadeemus writes at 2:19:15pm on 6/23/21
kmay writes at 9:15:32pm on 5/18/21
wait were you squeesfan?
FW-Tuna2 writes at 1:58:51pm on 5/18/21
What's up nerd? No idea how to get ahold of you. I'm Jackson Paddon on facebook or if you feel like chatting / catching up some time.