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My name is armando im 24, I casually do Streams of shooter games on Twitch, Im also trying to get to the max level on this game. Help a bro with a follow on Twitch!!
what is reality?
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Love everything
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- Unlocked Tier 3!
- FFR 9th Official Tournament: Division 6 - Participant
- FFR 7th Official Tournament: Division 4 - 2nd Place
- FFR 8th Official Tournament: Division 6 - Participant
- FFR 11th Official Tournament: Division 6 - Participant
- FFR 14th Official Tournament: Division 6 - 1st Place
- Season 1: Winter - Legendary Division
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Posted on: August 10, 2021, at 08:19:27pm   [0 comments]
too soon, I was waiting to go D7 after the tourney, guess i can play 103's pretty good

Score that get me into the D7:

Song: Odd-22

Score: (2244-10-0-3-2)

14th Official Tournament
Posted on: July 7, 2021, at 03:32:15pm   [0 comments]
I have been practicing to try and get the 1st place on D6.


Summary: Updated scores from all songs (D6-D8)

Round 1:

D6 -> Elif and the Night of Twilight -Called-
(1393-0-0-0-0) AAA

D7 -> Angelic Jelly

D8 -> Exam Cram (Oni)
(1567-6-0-0-0) SDG

Round 2:

D6 -> Life flashes before weeb eyes
(1970-0-0-0-0) AAA

D7 -> Nisemono

D8 -> The Bird's snapshot lifespan
(2064-12-0-0-0) FC

Round 3:

D6 -> BarGain
(1953-0-0-0-0) AAA

D7 -> Nageki no mori (Breakcore Remix)
(1959-2-0-0-0) SDG

D8 -> Zen’on

Round 4:

D6 -> Flashbacklog
(1563-1-0-0-0) BF

D7 -> Japan Style Breakcore!!! 2

D8 -> Brute Force

Round 5:

D6 -> Catalinesie
(1583-0-0-0-1) BooFlag

D7 -> Upshift

D8 -> Critical Error

Round 6:

D6 -> Bust it out
(2641-2-0-0-0) SDG

D7 -> Shindeiru

D8 -> Off Set Packed

Round 7:

D6 -> Rengoku-Purgatorium- v2

D7 -> Adcar

D8 -> Hello (BPM) 2021

Round 8:

D6 -> You Show

D7 -> The Ever Increasing Death Toll of Birds In My Life


7th Oficial Tournament!!
Posted on: July 10, 2012, at 02:01:13pm   [5 comments]
well this is my first tourney so im a quite nervous about this lol, well i've been placed in Division 4 i will try to win this shit lol here is my progress

All is resumed that i got a broken laptop, mindblock on last round and got 2nd place!

Comment wall
Elite Ninja writes...
at 2:15:00pm on 10/28/21
Cool to see that you're still around :D
Elite Ninja writes...
at 2:14:23pm on 10/28/21
Thank Novel :3
Zeldagurlfan1 writes...
at 12:29:39pm on 9/1/21
Congrats on winning D7 in the tourney!
Phynx writes...
at 9:38:11am on 9/1/21
You're a beast Nov. Cheers to the big win in the OT!
The~J~MaXx writes...
at 8:51:57pm on 8/11/21
Eso es!!! Mucho exito en eso que estas bien cerca de obtenerlo.
CammyGoesRawr writes...
at 8:31:09pm on 8/10/21
congrats on bopping me out of top 150
The~J~MaXx writes...
at 10:06:52pm on 8/6/21
Se me olvido que hablabas español, metele con todo a este torneo, voy a ti!!!!
Josemba writes...
at 9:13:54pm on 7/21/21
Verga loco, estás jugando como todo un D8, tenía tiempo que no te veía. Juegas Etterna o algo?
The~J~MaXx writes...
at 7:42:02pm on 7/8/21
Hahaha! Same but on D5, but I'm really a bit bummed about the game, I still get lag issues even with the newest builds, right now I will participate, but not focus on it, I'm focusing on a lot more personal stuff and other games like Clone hero.
The~J~MaXx writes...
at 12:08:13am on 7/7/21
Novelties!! Welcome back, good to see you on this tournament.
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