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My name is armando im 24, I casually do Streams of shooter games on Twitch, Im also trying to get to the max level on this game. Help a bro with a follow on Twitch!!
what is reality?
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Love everything
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15th OT
Posted on: July 1, 2022, at 01:22:55am   [2 comments]
D7 now, To be honest, im not gonna win this, just doing it for fun, my only goal is to hit the Top 8, i'll be posting only D7 and D8 scores

Round 1: Man I hate that kind of music, im glad I got the AAA in a few runs, as a 91 song, im not surprised of all the AAA's on D7

Division 7: AAA
Division 8: 2615-7-0-2-0

Round 2: Another 91? Must be a joke!

Division 7: "safe_state" Blackflag
Division 8: "UR+ MusicEater LV99" 3004-13-0-2-1

Round 3: Man round 3 and song still below D7 Skill range, the song was good but the lack of difficulty caused an insane blackflag cut-off for this round, getting worried now, if next D7 song is still easy I might lose cause I suck at AAAing songs and theres still too much people

Division 7: "Apocaliptix" AAA sightread
Division 8: "schwerkraft" 2134-76-2-12-3 (fav song till now)

Quick update:

I dont feel good, I dont really know whats wrong, when im playing feels like my whole right side of the body is not responding and I cannot focus the 2 right side arrows, I think its due stress and overthinking stuff. This is it for me, Top 5 on D7 feels good for me.

Taking a break for now
Posted on: March 2, 2022, at 01:09:15pm   [2 comments]
Im having health problems, I dont know if its something serious or not, I have a pain in the upper chest area, sometimes I feel its the heart, sometimes the pain goes lower to the stomach area, I went to the doctor but they found nothing... This pain has lasted for a month now so I decided to take a break from any kind of exercise until I feel better.

Posted on: August 10, 2021, at 08:19:27pm   [0 comments]
too soon, I was waiting to go D7 after the tourney, guess i can play 103's pretty good

Score that get me into the D7:

Song: Odd-22

Score: (2244-10-0-3-2)

14th Official Tournament
Posted on: July 7, 2021, at 03:32:15pm   [0 comments]
D6 Champ!

7th Oficial Tournament!!
Posted on: July 10, 2012, at 02:01:13pm   [5 comments]
well this is my first tourney so im a quite nervous about this lol, well i've been placed in Division 4 i will try to win this shit lol here is my progress

All is resumed that i got a broken laptop, mindblock on last round and got 2nd place!

Comment wall
The~J~MaXx writes...
at 10:07:59pm on 9/1/22
Pues fijate, he visto eso que gran parte de ese secreto es jugar en rate (jugar canciones dificiles en .9x o menos y jugar canciones faciles en 1.1x o mas). A mi no me gusta mucho jugar rate pero he intentado hacer PB's en Etterna con rate. Vamos a ver como mejoro en FFR jugando rate. Muchas gracias mano! :)
The~J~MaXx writes...
at 8:11:55pm on 8/27/22
Gracias bro!! D6 es de locos pero espero estar top 32 en el proximo torneo, ahora seguire practicando aca y en Etterna, yo no se como lo haces para ver los regueros de flechas.
The~J~MaXx writes...
at 8:33:08pm on 8/25/22
Que tu me dices, eso fue de madres jajajajaja
The~J~MaXx writes...
at 6:45:07pm on 8/25/22
Ojala que si!!!! aun falta poco mas de un dia, pienso que es un score bastante seguro pero igual pueden haber sorpresas.
The~J~MaXx writes...
at 1:28:08am on 8/20/22
Ese chart esta muy brutal, pero nada mal tus jugadas, en verdad no veo la hora de estar en D6 comodo, se que no voy a ser top 1 ahora mismo pero estoy sorprendido de estar top 3. Eso si, no me pienso dejar ganar tampoco, veremos que pasa. :D
The~J~MaXx writes...
at 12:35:42am on 8/20/22
:( :( :( :( :( :(
The~J~MaXx writes...
at 7:16:09pm on 8/9/22
Igual yo, pero lo dudo porque estoy #6 ahora mismo, y claro que si a la orden!
The~J~MaXx writes...
at 2:22:15pm on 8/9/22
Felicidades en el top 8 de D7!!
Elite Ninja writes...
at 3:08:18pm on 8/7/22
Congrats on top 8 in D7! You already have an insane score for this round too lol
Elite Ninja writes...
at 10:14:19pm on 7/25/22
Wow getting derby on your tourney file and on Boxel Adventure of all songs you're insane! Congrats! xD
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