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im just a regular person thats gotta just have a twitch fix... *wink wink* naw but i really dun have much to say other than i love ffr.. dunno how to do step mania yet but i will learn... love guitar hero... umm All mw games... (fk black ops) and oh i play runescape and gaiaonline
Sports Video games:, (note these are just online games) and watching anime
Fav Music:
umm yeah i cant say i have a fav... i like it all pretty much... except for opera.. that shit is fake and gay... and they try to kill meh
Fav Movies:
yeah thats such an unfair question... i have plenty of amazing movies that i have loved watching.. but for some reason i love the move 300.. and anything similar such as Troy
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rookiejunior writes at 1:01:38am on 3/23/20
what was that last song we did on MP, the sexy one
rookiejunior writes at 11:47:22pm on 3/22/20
Rudy_Riots writes at 6:45:45pm on 11/14/18
yo. I think you have your settings set to where I cannot add you. gg's btw!
SNOWLEGEND writes at 1:26:31am on 10/21/18
BRO i couldnt find that song we were talking about earlier so it might have been an original/exclusive/private mashup or something that someone did. Keep looking still might be in the mania engine or other engines. btw add me you noob :P <3
00_LilSaint_00 writes at 10:37:06pm on 4/17/18
Blackskull305 writes at 11:38:16pm on 2/13/18
old school runescape ftw!
ormix writes at 5:27:23pm on 11/27/17
ay did u like in this corner of the world? or was it a waste of time ;_; (ill admit the first half takes a while)
PrawnSkunk writes at 10:10:16am on 10/25/17
Congrats on D5!!
JEZthemaster writes at 12:59:38pm on 8/30/15
Nintendoh writes at 10:43:29am on 2/17/15
i see you played a song my friend :)