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Posted on: March 20, 2013, at 12:10:53pm   [1 comment]
Trying to compile a general history of my achievements and skill as best I can. I don't have any records from before the tournament, unfortunately.

Best AAAs
1/22/13 - (24) Swaying Sunflowers - First AAA ever
1/29/13 - (29) Wonder World!
2/2/13 - (50) On the Origin of Species (Evolution) - [Heavy] GET
3/1/13 - (51) Walking on a Dream
3/6/13 - (66) Within Life - [Oni] GET

Best FCs
1/2x/13 - (63) Retro City
2/4/13 - (70) Crowdpleaser v2
2/6/13 - (75) October
3/1x/13 - (76) Rarity Attempts 400 Dresses (LOOMING MIX)

Best SDGs
1/22/13 - (55) Touch Me (7/0/0/1)
3/20/13 - (68) Destination of the Heart (9/0/0/2)
Posted on: March 20, 2013, at 12:09:54am   [1 comment]
Placed in division 2 with people who actually AAA songs... Scared :/

Scores so far...

Round 1
D2 Swaying Sunflowers: 25900 AAA (518/0/0/0/0)
D3 Fire: 25925 SDG (517/3/0/0/0)
D4 Touch Me: 53870 SDG (1074/7/0/0/1)
D5 Retro City: 64700 FC (1279/30/0/0/0) - cutoff
D6 Pussy Pump: 59450 (1119/152/9/17/35) - cutoff

Round 2
D2 Wonder World! 20500 AAA (410/0/0/0/0)
D3 Blue Marine 38925 SDG (777/3/0/0/0)
D4 Walk on Water 54875 SDG (1096/3/0/0/0) - cutoff

Round 3
D2 ice valley 37150 AAA (743/0/0/0/0)

Round 4
D2 ULTRAnumb 45650 AAA (913/0/0/0/0)
D3 Entry 42320 SDG (846/1/0/0/1)

Round 5
D2 Futari, Hajimari 54850 AAA (1097/0/0/0/0)

Round 6
D2 Walking on a Dream 46850 AAA (937/0/0/0/0)

Round 7
D2 LUV CAN SAVE U 55000 AAA (1100/0/0/0/0)

Round 8
D2 The Strategy of Emperor 51350 AAA (1027/0/0/0/0)


Round 1
Whee first round, got my first AAA ever after many retries... Decided to try and keep a record of the other division songs for fun. Ended up having trouble with D3 and D4's songs, barely being able to SDG them by fluke. My accuracy is terrible and really started to break down with Retro City, despite it being my favourite song+chart for the round. In the end my scores passed D3 and D4 just barely by 1 or 2 goods. On to round 2!

Round 2
Sightread blackflag'd my song and got the AAA on the second run, it actually seems easier than round 1's song. I'm somewhat starting to get the hang of AAAing now. My D3 score seems to have passed, but I didn't put enough time into my D4 score to beat the elimination line... Lost it by 1 good :/

Round 3
Trickier song, took some work and I eventually had to swap keyboards to get the AAA. D4 got another really easy song for some reason, I swear D3's had it much harder these past two rounds...

Round 4
Again seemed easier than the previous round's song, sightread AAA'd it after one bad start. D3 finally got a nice fun song this round, and D5's would be if it hadn't been charted so... strangely.

Round 5
D2 is like a carousel, this was identical to round 3: took another keyboard swap and large number of retries to nab the AAA after a sightread 3-0-0-0. D4's song is pretty fun this round, if a bit long.

Round 6

Round 7
Welp, on to round 8!

Round 8
D1-3 got some awesome songs and charts this time. AAA'd D2 on third try, nothing new to say. That makes a perfect tourny run for me. Will there be a tiebreaker round!?
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