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I'm a hunter, I kill aliens, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, demons, a little angels here and there, and many other things you probably haven't heard of. But on the side I'm just a regular human.
Fav Music:
Electronic, and everything that falls under that category. Rap. Hip-hop. Rock, lots of rock. And SOME country though I don't like country usually so good luck finding a country song I like.
Fav Movies:
Hunger Games Trilogy, Maze Runner Trilogy, 12 Angry Men, Star Wars (of course), Meet the Parents (all movies), and so many more.
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FFR to Osu to Piano (New Years Resolution?)
Posted on: December 24, 2018, at 01:19:13am   [0 comments]
Lol Never really thought I would say this but I want to learn piano or keyboard I should say. Guess there is electric keyboards that you can mix sounds with BUT ever since I played Osu I always loved playing 8k+ and it always reminded me of playing the piano tbh. So I'm thinking what the hell right let's learn the piano. It will be a hard and awesome journey though. Plus it will help me with music games like this one a ton. Guys better be ready whenever I see you again, we're gonna be playing death piano ;). Merry Christmas and Happy New Years guys!

Break Time
Posted on: July 29, 2018, at 04:50:29pm   [2 comments]
For the first time in 2+ years of playing rhythm games I'm going to try and take a break and see how it feels after I get back. This is gonna feel really weird ._.

500 FC!?
Posted on: May 6, 2018, at 02:03:27am   [5 comments]
I didnt even know I had 200 FCs lol let alone 500. Welp guess next target is 1000 right ? Here we go :D

Posted on: November 6, 2017, at 08:33:01pm   [1 comment]
Did not know he actually plays these kinds of games. Really cool guy and utter beast at them. Or girl... Idk, name doesnt give anything away.... anyways... this just got awkward.... ICY your cool... just made a pun technically...

TOP 50!
Posted on: May 29, 2017, at 04:12:42pm   [1 comment]
So I was snooping around and came across a page that said FFR Multiplayer Stats and I thought I would check it out. Basically it shows the top 50 players that are active in multiplayer and I'm ranked number 42 :D check it out!

Btw I did not know the staff did this kind of thing so I was excited when I found it, but it's probably basic knowledge to the vets. (Still pretty cool to me though).

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CreativePurpose writes...
at 2:49:24pm on 1/11/21
Hey, we played a while back you should add me on discord so we can play again sometime! it's CreativePurpose#6969
mrpreggers writes...
at 2:53:22pm on 9/11/20
What's up homie
PrestonClief writes...
at 1:37:30am on 8/14/20
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xXCtoda2pwrXx writes...
at 10:18:24pm on 6/28/20
Hey man, we should play sometime :) I suck now haha
dewdew7 writes...
at 1:15:34am on 12/18/18
Nah I'm gonna be the one breaking YOUR fingers xD jk haha you've always given me a rough time I only hope to keep my mark above yours. And aw sorry FFR didn't load for you. It should work soon enough. I'll be on soon though trust!! See ya soon Snow :)
dewdew7 writes...
at 12:23:31pm on 12/7/18
You haven't got the CHANCE haha Cx I would love to play sometime n I'm always on MP so I'll probs cya there soon. Oh, n goodmorning :)
dewdew7 writes...
at 1:48:51pm on 12/2/18
Hope you're doing well bro :) hmu and PM me when you can
V-Ormix writes...
at 6:11:25pm on 10/29/18
thenoob27 writes...
at 7:06:35am on 9/25/18
ey its me, your first friend, Parasol ! \:D/
dewdew7 writes...
at 4:26:16pm on 9/3/18
Hey Snow :)) yah my profile is really outdated I'm 18 years old now haha but I'm here living in Cali again Cx
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