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hey everyone felt like updating my about me. well my name is Azlynn im 21 i have a 1year old daughter named Gwenevere. i love to work and spend time with her and the love of my life soon to be fiance Timmy. so any other questions just msg me.
party, sports, smoke, hang with friends, movies, music, and i like to breath
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bon jovi, pat benatar, lynyrd skynyrd, the script, tenth avenue north, lifehouse, die atzen, silverstein, usher, coldplay, space cowboys, beaking benjamin, the offspring, grillaz, smashing pumpkins, bowling for soup, hot chelle rae, orange crush, police, kaskade, deadmau5, david guetta, 3 doors down, lil wayne, frank ocean, jason mraz, simple plan, the goo goo dolls, boys like girls, shine down, avenged sevenfold, seether, sum 41, 30h!3, fall out boy, neon trees, subline, evenecents, paramore, panic at the disco, fireflight, kesha, psy, crazy frog, nightcore, en vie, linken park,apocalytica, fireflight, skillet, the joker@, lacuna coil, adam lambert, hollywood undead, asking alexandreia, downtown fiction, jimmy eats world, red jump suit apparatus, insanity, romance on a rocktship, kellie pickler, hero, disciple, duece, depeche mode, tears for fears, the cure, norman greenbaum, the kinks, joan jeft, the rolling stones, five finger death punch, gillette, psychostick, duck sauce, bring me the horizen, rucka rucka, slipknot, korn, nickleback, disturbed, bullet for my valentine, gym class heros, all american rejects, blink 182, good charlotte, american hi-fi, papa roach, second academy, fort atlantic, pandulum, ultra djs, basshunter, lindsey stirling, glitch mob, daft punk, enur, mike snow, m83, swidish house mofia, kid cudi, empire of the sun, biz, passion pit, queen, aqua, alice dj, ace of bass, eiffel 65, kylie minogue, carl carlton, the temtations, phil collins [childrens], mark ho'omala [childrens], nirvana, mortal love, the crandberries, suicide silence, skrillx, robzombie, black veil brides. cradle the filth, edward maya and vika jigulina, BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR <3, SCREAMO and ya know alot more music
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i love horror movies......resident evil, friday 13, 13 ghosts, the crazies, dont be afraid of the dark.....and i love the movie hangover that is so funny..fav part is when the guy go to pee and the tiger is right there in the bathroom...and i also love the lion king i used to watch it all the time when i was a kid hahah and i still do....and there are alot more movies
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Well Hey
Posted on: January 11, 2016, at 10:33:07pm   [0 comments]
well hello to all of you its been a very very long time since i have been on this site. last update i made was when my daughter was 5 months old. well now she is going to be 1 year old on Feb 3rd, dont really have time to come on here and play with her in my life now, and i wouldnt change a thing. so im on now to play if you want to msg me or play just pm me or find me in the game. love you all. have an amazing new years!!

new life
Posted on: June 13, 2015, at 06:53:33pm   [4 comments]
well guys its been a very long time since iv really come on this site. For those that where my friend on this game just wanted to inform you that i have a almost 5 month old baby girl. she is my world i dont know what i would do with out her. if anyone has questions just msg me

Posted on: February 5, 2014, at 05:06:38pm   [3 comments]
yes thats right to the people that actuall with read this or care lol i am back and trying to get better again. been rele busy with school and my two jobs havnt had time to play. welp i made some time haha. :)

my fat ass dancing weird
Posted on: April 5, 2013, at 12:08:50am   [5 comments]

Posted on: November 22, 2011, at 01:57:31am   [87 comments]
i find the most awesomeest peope on ffr this is the list

1)animelover111223: (best friend lives down the road from me)

2)Navara Desen Ikakku: ( same person as anime^ or erica if ya want to call her that)

3)deadpony: (Andy is the most sweetest guy i have ever known i love him with all my heart <3)

4)the #1 umbreon: ( is the most amazing kitty cat :3)

5)sakura080789: (a sweet and amazing person that is very loving <3 )

6)danielc1234: (awesome 13year old that beat me)

7)ARROW UP: (woot we are now skype buddys heehee and ya he is amazing lol)

8)MeHaZnOLifE: (my little sneeker :D haha awesome guy right there :P )

9)bmaldito: (a very speacial amazing person and we talk alot he is awesome lol <3)

10)Blade2030: ( a sweet and down to earth kinda guy)

11)Puzzler64: (a very sweet person to me thx hun <3 )

12)Salvation125: ( loves to laugh alot just like me but knows when not to laugh! :D )

13)Stantonphl: ( my fav bisexual guy friend)

14Zabbidou: (one of the best poeple on here)

15)foxmccloudsr: ( is a very speacial guy to me)

16)emo1555sister: (is my sister madison)

17)mooot: ( this guys is amazing :D)

18)topflight: (has been there for me when i was down thx bud)

19)gettofox: (we skype sometimes)

20)mattgamer15: ( i love matt he is awesome in every way <3 )

21)mdebourg: (have known for awile he is nice)

22)ladyxgigglezx1821: (she is pretty awesome we need to talk more haha miss ya chicka)

23)chaoticDestruction: (is so awesome i love him. <3333<333 fun to be around)

24)ChrisAudio: ( i love you chris <3 ur awesome)

25)ilikepie72: ( we have alot incomment and also another 12 year old that beat me lol:))

26)freakeyes-ntg: (first person i ever talked to on her)

27)patricoo: ( another one of the first ppl i ever talked to on here)

28)masterchiefman: (helps me when i am down with his very sweet words)

29)charlotte kelly: (is funny and nice and a 40year old man that loves to dance)

30)wihwodiz: (is funny and awesome and is charlottes bf)

31)ULTIMEGA: ( dont rele know him quiet yet but hey he seems like my kinda person so yeh is awesome lol <3 )

32)Dah Weather Man: ( is fun to play with :) is rele cool)

33)blargthedestroyer: ( was on of my best friend on here :( the he left ffr im so sad i miss you)

34)aussieguyx: ( love to poke his belly button...lmao i love him)

35)missdeltona07: (is rele sweet and a good friend)

36)fantasies_are_final: ( meet her on here and are now best fb buddys :D)

37)fantasiesarefinal: ( her other profile but forgot the password lol)

38)masterdkess: ( we used to video chat all the time now we never talk i miss you)

39)mr.slayurass: ( ed i love you and now we are fb buddys robot :D)

40)stick figure 1.1: ( is pretty awesome and funny eds friend )

41)the black shadow: ( love you so much hun <3 :D)

42)sylar09: ( his other account)

43)letschat6: ( is rele sweet loves to DANCE and and awesome piano player)

44)blaster824: ( is rele nice and is awesome :D)

45)Immadude1992: ( is a new friend of mine and he is pretty
cool :D)

46)tryme415: ( is a very speacial guy i love you hun <3)

47)Elbondo: (is pretty awesome txt each other with my friend)

48)youronlysolution: ( played him a few times he is nice we should play more :) )

49)self_indulging_prick: (well is a prick but and awesome one :P)

50)inferno16: ( a new awesome friend to my list :P)

51)789502083: (she is amazing in every way and her name is amy and this is her face =o )

52)Adriankilljoy: (is awesome and loves rats they are so cute :3)

53)dark eli: awesome person played a few games with them blah blah :P )

54)Nega Master: (is a real sweet and nice person. he makes me laugh and smile everytime he talks haha thx nega)

55)the #1 espeon: ( she is a rele crazy and weird person but you gotta love her or ill bite your head off hee hee love it)

if you want your name on this list then give me a resion to lol <3 hahah XD :D :) :P

Comment wall
the #1 umbreon writes...
at 12:43:27am on 5/22/22
hey!! long time no see! Hope you've been doing well!
chocobothief12 writes...
at 9:20:13pm on 8/5/21
Heya :DD
iamcorey4life writes...
at 7:45:01pm on 7/3/16
chocobothief12 writes...
at 9:36:54pm on 2/22/16
its fine dont even worry about it
chocobothief12 writes...
at 9:12:58pm on 2/16/16
my lifes been meh
mcaso123 writes...
at 2:02:15pm on 2/16/16
omg I saw you on! You're back
u were friends with my irl friend ryan lol
aka ilikepie72
tipsis writes...
at 4:47:20pm on 5/1/15
fap fap in my lap
ladyxgigglezx1821 writes...
at 8:48:07pm on 1/7/15
wowww i havent been on since 2012...hopefully you remember me if not its cool. look threw my comments and read your comments...message me your number or whatever to get a hold of you
KyleSFC writes...
at 2:16:03am on 11/22/14
Naruto is a ten times better fucking anime than bleach!
linkman500 writes...
at 9:27:28pm on 6/25/14
Long time! :D
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