Songs of the Week and Weekly Update 5/13/2022

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Welcome to another Song Release and Weekly Update for May!

All files within the Ooga-Booga Special Batch have been judged. The judges are now starting to look over files submitted to the Jan/Feb 2022 batch and the Event Tokens batch.

StepCon 2022 has concluded with the final voting phase over with. The 1st – 3rd place winners of the Final StepOff are Psychotik, M0nkeyz and DarkZtar! Many thanks to everyone that participated and voted, and a huge congrats to all of the winners! To those who earned them, keep an eye out for your StepCon 2022 profile badge coming soon.

Next big announcement is that the sign-ups for the 15th Official Tournament will be opening today! These sign-ups will be open until the end of June, with the tournament itself beginning on July 1st. A thread will be made with all of the details as usual. We’ll also update this post with links when that time comes.

Better start derusting because it will be here before you know it!

The 2 veteran files we have for you today are:

Neon Dream
Musician: Artificial Fear
Step Artist: jh05013
Song Length: 2:59
Difficulty: 60

Ready To Fall
Musician: Rise Against
Step Artist: storn42
Song Length: 3:41
Difficulty: 60

And for Non-Veteran players, these songs have went public:

Arranging Matches
Musician: Teetow
Step Artist: M0nkeyz
Song Length: 1:05
Difficulty: 65

Mike French Hardcore Custom
Musician: m1n1on133
Step Artist: mi40
Song Length: 1:13
Difficulty: 94


-DossarLX ODI, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers

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  3. btw ot signups are open

  4. btw ot signups are open

  5. btw ot signups are open

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