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Damned Night28-01-20
Icing Sugar24-08-21
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Elite Ninja writes...
at 2:35:17am on 12/27/21
I gotta say you make a ton of great files and of really cool songs too! I'm glad to have found you as another one of my favourite simfile authors on FFR after coming back from my hiatus since 2015/2016. Honestly love most of your files and still have a ton to play but Odyssey and First Sighting stood out to me when playing today, they were so fun ^^
Hope to keep seeing more files from you in the future on FFR as every time I see your name on a file I get excited, it's a blessing to get to play them xD
tl;dr Huge fan~
clasko1000 writes...
at 12:07:24am on 10/5/21
I hopped on for a few minutes, Elesis Theme Song is probably the best chart I've ever played.
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 6:03:04pm on 4/15/21
Your chart for Korzenie turned out amazing, thank you so much for doing it justice!
Skayles writes...
at 6:19:17pm on 4/11/21
korzenie is super fun and a really good song, holy shit
VisD writes...
at 6:08:35pm on 8/2/20
Thanks for the kind note :) I'm really rooting for you to go all the way and bring it home, you got this!
VisD writes...
at 6:08:07pm on 8/2/20
ayyyy 2g!!!! Well done
the sun fan writes...
at 3:47:05pm on 8/2/20
yeah, no worries
its a tough thing to play when the time zones aren't in your favor
Hakulyte writes...
at 4:19:59am on 7/22/20
Once a while, the stars align and both the charting experience and the player experience goes smoothly together. This happened in Smash and Burn.
danredge writes...
at 6:56:43pm on 6/26/20
Holly Hell Sarcophagus it the hardest Difficulty 65 to FC. Finally got it ! Hard Charting n_n
the sun fan writes...
at 2:50:00pm on 5/27/20
hi, welcome to twg
have you played some before?
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