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Walros Says....
Posted on: October 29, 2008, at 11:06:59pm

I know most of you kids are not over 18+ or in America, but you should still watch this. Besides, Borat is in it.

Totally forgot this ends up on the homepage. Whoops.

  1. Rofl.

  2. Already voted. =)

  3. Just for the record, I voted Obama.
    I smell change.

  4. I myself voted Obama too, even though I'm a registered Republican. Talk about change.


  6. Borat automatically makes it awesome.
    Also I haven't voted yet, but on election day I'm voting for McCain.

  7. I'm going Obama next week.

  8. lmao, Borat is hilarious.

  9. i vote bora--
    <.< uhhh wait....what?

  10. ;p

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq8Uc5BFogE&e
    shouldve used this vid instead

  12. Omg I laughed out loud when Borat popped up. Epic.

  13. They say 'vote' so many times that it loses its meaning.

  14. can i vote for hand release?

  15. Saying "vote" more than a billion times doesn't make it less meaningful.
    I'm voting, probably SOLELY for the fact that google has shown me a voting location within walking distance of my house. I am now, AS SOON AS FREAKIN' POSSIBLE, going to walk my ass over to the DMV and get myself a right to vote for Obama, and it's thanks to Maldon and this video. Now don't anyone, ANYONE, say this is a wasted effort.

  16. Indeed, because if a bunch of celebs INCLUDING SNOOP DOGG AND BORAT tell you to do something, you should definitely do it. ("I like-a porno!" So true...)
    Seriously, this video has made me want to stay home on November 4.

  17. I hate Borat.
    However, Ellen, Harrison and Will = <3
    I bet Mal only added this for Borats little message at the end. ;D
    I love these positive 'celebrity' messages. :]

  18. doogie <3

  19. ps I'm writing in Soda Popinski for president just like I did in '04.

  20. lol wtf, im in canada, doesn't affect me ;)

  21. hahaha, I;m in Canada too, I watched the whole thing, I was just laughing at Borat.

  22. borat and tom cruise should do something together
    like mission impossible 4

  23. Don't Vote.

  24. I wish i could vote!

  25. I don't believe most of us should have the right to vote. A ton of people don't know anything about either candidate, nothing about their policies, only that there's an old white dude and a black dude. Why should someone who knows nothing about either of them have their one vote count? Regardless, I'm not old enough to vote, and even when I am, the only reason I'll vote is because of my mom who will force me. In this election, I would vote for Obama, I don't know anything about him, I just know I hate old white people, even more so old war veterans. My vote is worthless, but it would count. Based off the way I would have voted, it's the same as me not having taste buds and telling you coke taste better than orange soda only because I hate the color orange, which you wouldn't pay attention to my say on that, because I don't have taste buds.

  26. tera, when it comes down to it, you end up learning a little about each candidate. Usually one will offer something that will affect you. This is why Obama has a HUGE number of youth following. Historically though, the youth do not vote, so the point of this video is to urge the youth to actually do what they say they will do.
    Saying you are in support is one thing, but actually doing something about it (voting) is another.
    Remember that this video is bipartisan. They are not telling you who to vote for, but to just simply cast a vote.

  27. Politics are stupid. In my opinion, NO ONE should run the country. It might cause chaos, but we'd be a lot better off.

  28. Gobama, scholarship incentives for volunteering make me very happy

  29. lol if you cant vote for yourself, then vote for people like me

  30. Everyone has the right to self-government. Even stupid people. Even people who don't know why they are voting. I think voting should be mandatory or you should get a tax credit for voting.
    No one should run the country...Now there's a good idea. What a shame there're no anarchist candidates. Oh yeah - they all killed eachother because they didn't believe in laws...
    Get out and vote. Get out and vote. Get out and vote. Schedule a time to vote now, so you can make time in your day for it. Drive your friends to the polling place.
    I.e., I agree with the walrus. Vote.

  31. Please america, please vote right :

  32. Just out of curiosity, does anyone here know anything about the presidential candidates who are NOT Obama or McCain?

  33. Hey guys guess what? Vote right

  34. i think i'll vote left, actually.

  35. I like a porno! XD Borat made this thing hilarious.

  36. It's not your duty to vote. It's your duty to EDUCATE YOURSELVES on the candidates and issues, and then go vote. If you're going to vote for Obama because he's black or McCain because he was a POW, then do us a favor and stay home Tuesday. And if you know who the right candidate is for president but not county sheriff, it's okay to leave that circle blank when you vote.

  37. dumb and unfunny.

  38. but voting really doesn't matter. Remember the last election when Bush was losing so his brother messed with the florida votes. Also McCain or Obama, both of them are still part of our corrupt and wrong system.

  39. Do not vote...... NOT

  40. i am voting obama all the way
    first time voter.
    i missed the last one by a month :(

  41. Seriously.
    Read into what each candidate is offering.
    Watch the debates.
    Vote accordingly.

  42. (4:11)

  43. Does this count as Walros's 5 friends?

  44. :(
    I can't vote until the 2012 elections.
    :( :( :( :(

  45. I liked this. Hey same crashfan. I just turned 17 D:

  46. It's terrible what two main candidates that we have to choose. I kinda want to write down a name not listed instead, but I won't.

  47. I am definitely getting at what TeRa said.
    Obama DOES seem to be a lot of talk when he says he's only going to tax 5% of the population but he's a much more dignified debater and doesn't blink every millisecond.
    Visual appeal and display of action is a big factor on votes regardless if someone wants to admit it or not. And you also gotta realize McCain's life isn't gonna be much longer.. if something happens, then Palin, governor of Alaska (smaller than the pop of my hometown) with less experience than many of the candidates running will suddenly be president. :|
    But then again, I know less than half of what each campaign supports... I really don't have a right to vote. There should be some test of knowledge about what you know about the candidate before you vote or something.

  48. +1 support for Presidential Voter Idiot Quiz.

  49. I used to think there should be a test, but since I'm older now, I have come to realize that people should vote for the person they believe in. It should have nothing to do about only the smart voting. If only smart people voted, the views of the not-so-smart are not being represented.

  50. I watched this prob 3-5 times, it's awesome

  51. "I likea porno" So epic xD

  52. lol, send it to 5 animals. xD

  53. Who the hell is downvoting every songle comment? WTF?

  54. Prolly some noobs who got bored of doing it on youtube, virus. And rofl at Borat.. I would so vote if i was 18.

  55. hey guys guess what
    Borat isn't funny and never was

  56. I take that back it's pretty hilarious
    Harrison and Will are better
    I'm canadian so I'm not paying attention to the real point of the video very much, sorry.

  57. I would vote but I'm 2 years short. Though I don't know MUCH about either candidate, I'd go with Obama, and it's not because he's African American. There's something about him that I can't put my finger on.

  58. I'm canadian, and i luv snoop & Borat thats all, vote or no it don't matter your gov will.....do no good anyway.

  59. CAN

  60. YOU

  61. FEEL

  62. IT???????????

  63. sup

  64. Actually I think Justin Timberlake was tons funnier than Borat.

  65. I likea porno! rofl

  66. I hate Borat. /Bandwagon
    And I find it slightly amusing that my first post is the highest upped post.
    But back onto the topic of this, I'm not basing my vote off of 'who looks more presentable' or 'this person is a specific race, so I'll vote for them'. No, I actually know what the major candiates are actually offering everyone in the US. Including those who are less talked about because they're not of the two main parties such as Jay/Knapp and McKinney/Clemente.
    I'm still voting for Obama, either way.

  67. Why did my doogie love get me downvoted?

  68. In my opinion..We shouldn't have a president...
    Just everyone together..
    and think what would be best for the U.S.
    Considering the words: "We the people".
    That's just my opinion though.

  69. Yeah... I kind of already said that, Metal.
    But my post got massively downvoted... Yay!

  70. I got down voted like fuck.
    p.s Uneducated idealists shouldn't be allowed to vote. They are the ones that fuck everything up. Do your fucking research before you vote. "OMG CHANGE" is -not- a factual reason.

  71. Yeah, all the "OMg ileik pron0 olololol teheheheh" comments get thumbs up and the ones that make sense get down-voted.
    get back in school, kiddies.
    (now some 13 year old tries and fails to be funny by posting something witty/stupid after me)

  72. You have your change America, are you happy?
    I know I am :D GOBAMA

  73. Actually Roy, if I understand correctly, Metalhead is suggesting true democracy where everyone runs the country together, as opposed to anarchy where no one runs the country. In democracy, you hold a town meeting and everyone gets a say and everyone gets a vote on every issue. This is not a bad idea. Republic democracy exists instead for a lot of practical reasons (try getting 15 million people in a room together).
    Lastly: Yes we did!

  74. There is no such thing as true democracy, noone has ever been able to pull it off for more than a year.

  75. I voted McCain, even though I knew he was going to lose. Fuck Obama.

  76. @Syhto: You're ignorant, just ignorant.

  77. At least she didn't vote for a person based off of a purely idealistic standpoint.
    'omg change'. Yeah, people were so fed up with bush, then Obama comes along, the seemingly perfect candidate with the charismatic skills to sway the ignorant fools that were fed up with Republican policy.

  78. Actually, Redsky, that's what I was suggesting. I just didn't put too much thought into what I said. Nor did I elaborate my meaning.

  79. I'm not gonna vote EVER. You know why?
    Cause if you have dishonest American citizens, chances are you're gonna get dishonest American leaders. And people will say "Oh, you have no right to complain because you didn't vote."
    WRONG!!! You're the one who voted in the first damn place, which is exactly why this country is so fucked up. Dishonest Amrican citizens, 9 times out of 10, vote for dishonest American politicians, and with that being it's your fault. You caused the situation. You have no right to complain.
    I, on the other hand... Who did not vote! Who did not vote! Who, in fact, did not even leave the house on election day have every right to complain as I so please about your tally and the jackass that's in the oval office that you voted or did not vote for, so technically, it YOUR FUALT. Don't vote people. It's a waste of time AND freedom.