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I am too old to be doing this, but I can't stop - just one more song...
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Race to 200 Public AAAs
Posted on: December 20, 2008, at 11:36:15pm   [5 comments]
Card Man v. Redsky139 v. 8 Hour Whore

The game is on, the juice is loose, and the party's getting bigger and better by the moment!

#112 12/20/2008 (5) Burnout
#113 12/20/2008 (4) The Return F Superdouble
#114 12/20/2008 (5) Forgotten Planet
#115 12/20/2008 (5) Roses and Butterflies [Standard]
#116 12/22/2008 (5) Lesson (This was harder than it should be. All tied up, now, though)
#117 12/23/2008 (3) Lilium (Strings and Piano Remix)
#118 12/24/2008 (5) I Can See the Light
#119 12/24/2008 (5) Between the Sheets [Heavy]
#120 12/24/2008 (5) Massive (ffr remix)
#121 12/25/2008 (6) Beaker Sunset
#122 12/25/2008 (6) Digital Intervention
#123 12/26/2008 (6) Arabesque
#124 12/26/2008 (6) Keep On Loving You
#125 12/26/2008 (6) Learn 2 Play
#126 12/27/2008 (6) American in Amsterdam [Heavy] (This song is off sync in places)
#127 12/27/2008 (6) My Darkest Hour [Heavy] Semi-sightread
#128 12/27/2008 (6) The Moment [Heavy] Semi-sightread
#129 12/27/2008 (6) Goodbye, My Love
#130 12/27/2008 (6) PARANOIA Darkness Mix
#131 12/27/2008 (6) Speed Kitty
#132 12/28/2008 (6) Play It Funky
#133 12/29/2008 (6) Agenda X - This one felt really good.
#134 12/29/2008 (6) Seagull Semi-sightread
#135 12/29/2008 (6) My Beautiful Rescue - Nice song and good stepfile
#136 12/29/2008 (6) Empornium Semi-sightread
#137 12/29/2008 (6) Contra- distinction - Would be a 5 except for the background.
#138 12/29/2008 (6) Honolulu - Those jumps are fast!
#139 12/30/2008 (7) Midnight of the North Semi-Sightread WOWOOOOOWOWOO!!
#140 12/30/2008 (7) Indigo
#141 12/30/2008 (7) Mario Eurobeat
#142 12/30/2008 (7) Monster Mash
#143 01/03/2009 (7) Fly With Me (ITG Cut)
#144 01/03/2009 (7) Lemonade [Heavy] (Another seemingly off-sync Weatus song.)
#145 01/03/2009 (7) H.T.I.J.
#146 01/04/2009 (7) Your Grace [Heavy] This is barely a 6.
#147 01/04/2009 (7) Don't Breath A Word [Heavy] A terrible song.
#148 01/07/2009 (3) NES-Style Eye of the Tiger
#149 01/07/2009 (7) Trisection GOODBYE BOOFLAG FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#150 01/07/2009 (7) Roses and Butterfiles [Heavy] Patience, my friend. lol...butterfiles.
#151 01/07/2009 (7) Outside the Skies
#152 01/17/2009 (6) Drum Song
#153 01/18/2009 (6) From Mount Chorus
#154 02/01/2009 (2) Tears of Remorse Nice song.
#155 03/28/2009 (4) After Altair sightread
#156 05/30/2009 (3) Temple
#157 05/30/2009 (5) Story of the Contellations
#158 05/31/2009 (7) Dying Flame

Notable moments:
12/27/2008: 3 long rock songs in a row (American in Amsterdam, My Darkest Hour, and The Moment)
12/29/2008: 25% complete. Also, I noticed my computer was actually lagging every so often since I upgraded to Firefox 3 with the Aerofox skin causing random goods, but barely noticeable. My comp usage was always at 80%-100% when running just FFR. Got rid of the Aerofox skin, memory usage dropped, and got 2 semi-sightread AAAs today. :)
12/30/2008: Doubled (Edit: tripled) my AAA count for 7s. Sorry, Card Man, these aren't as hard as I remember. I'm done for today, but I'm very excited and thankful that you pushed me to start this quest!!!
01/07/2008: Made it to #150

Now to FCs
Posted on: December 14, 2008, at 07:48:07am   [0 comments]
Since I'm closing in on 400 FCs, it will be my next minor goal to cross that, and perhaps go beyond. Prior to posting about it here, I finished off the last of the 7s (I now have no reason to hate The Final Fantasy) and procured a number of 8s (just hit a 27-0-0-2 on Visions NRGized, from my last score of 102-16-7-36 1049C!) I currently have 390 FCs. I have only a few 8s left to go:

Delta Beat (0 Vector Mix) 12/15/08
Horizon Remix 12/14/08
MAX Forever
Indulgence 12/15/08
U.M.A. 12/15/08
Devotion and Desire 12/14/08
PSYCHIC DiVE 12/14/08 One Try. Ugh, I thought this would be harder...
MegaScorcher 12/14/08
The Entertainer 12/14/08 - lol, non-FC to SDG; Edit: make that a BF, :(

Getting 9/10 of these would leave me with 399, and I want my 400th to be TGWP 3. Undoubtedly I will need to fill in some of those 8s with 9s, since there are a few that are real bears for one handers, but wish me luck anyway!

Edit: My math is terrible. I only got 8/10 and now have 399. Off to TGWP 3.

Edit: accomplished in a few days. I need to challenge myself more.

I did it.
Posted on: December 5, 2008, at 06:55:51am   [0 comments]
Av rank of 3 digits. Z was the song that put me over. Almost a month ahead of schedule. Yay!

Ranks XVI
Posted on: November 23, 2008, at 09:07:12am   [0 comments]
350th FC: Troglodytic Epica
100th AAA: A Christmas Carol
Just under 1150 av rank. It's been a good week.

Ranks XV
Posted on: November 15, 2008, at 01:13:31am   [0 comments]
Under 1200 av rank. I feel like I can taste 1000...I think I'll set the realistic goal of hitting it by 1/1/09. Wish me luck. :)

11/27/08: All songs below 4000 rank. Made it under 1100 way ahead of schedule. I still think, with the holidays, 1/1/09 will be a reasonable goal, but I may make it much faster.

Comment wall
Card Man writes...
at 8:49:48pm on 10/3/09
You ever play anymore?
RaN:DoM HeRo 1993 writes...
at 12:25:41am on 8/22/09
Jeebus! You have advanced majorly! Good job xD
Card Man writes...
at 4:02:55pm on 3/29/09
Hehe, thanks man. FFR does seem like it is dieing though. For example...all that hype about beta has diminished...are they going to finish it? Is it already done? What the hell about MP stats? LOL
Card Man writes...
at 10:14:04am on 3/28/09
Nice to see you back man. Although, so many people are playing SM; I feel like FFR One handers thread is turning into a SM thread. >_< I will never play SM.
Card Man writes...
at 11:12:49am on 3/21/09
Wow, you have not been on in a while. O_o I am almost getting as good as you. ^_^
Card Man writes...
at 4:58:22pm on 2/20/09
Next Year? Dude, I will be past 200 by then. That is a promise. It has been almost 1 year since i have been a member and I almost have 150 AAA's public. There is no way I won't reach 200 by next year.
Card Man writes...
at 3:04:21pm on 2/19/09
I have no idea. I am going to call it off. This is so because I really cannot get more than 10 more AAA's and I feel that it has forced me away from playing harder songs. I want to play the harder songs and get the AAA's naturally. Since there really is no winner because nobody reached 200; I will still keep it in my head that at least you made it past half way. Great job dude.
Card Man writes...
at 10:45:42pm on 2/15/09
Gone spread. I suppose the race is off. I am sure you already knew that though. ;-) Thanks for doing it with me while it lasted.
Bynary Fission writes...
at 10:13:47am on 2/7/09
Sorry, being judged*
Bynary Fission writes...
at 10:13:37am on 2/7/09
Swallowing an Avalanche is already in the queue, but you can test it out if you'd like (warning: it's extremely hard).
Sure, go ahead. However, I'm going to be at my friend's house all day, so I can't test it until around 8 or later.
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