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My name isn't Jayden
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V-Ormix writes at 3:16:21pm on 3/12/20
V-Ormix writes at 5:12:59pm on 3/11/20
eight hundo ayayays
Jaquan writes at 12:32:54am on 3/1/20
Yo quick question, How did you get your stat bar to look like that?
Jaquan writes at 6:04:53pm on 2/28/20
Alright cool, I'ma still call you Jayden anyways cause It starts with a "J". and J's are for badasses lol.
Jaquan writes at 5:59:16pm on 2/28/20
So... do we still call you Jayden or nah? Even though your name isn't Jayden...?
SubaruPoptart writes at 12:50:09am on 2/20/20
ayyyy nice, quadruple digit FC's
ositzxz369 writes at 10:12:52pm on 2/14/20
if ur name isnt Jayden, then what does it mean?
ULTIMEGA writes at 9:19:45pm on 2/5/20
Don't let it get to ya, mate. Took me almost 8 years to AAA that one.
ULTIMEGA writes at 2:59:38pm on 2/5/20
I saw you get five goods clean on Hajnal.
Nice one.
Go for this! I'm rooting for ya!
TheSaxRunner05 writes at 1:56:28pm on 10/11/19
I'm always glad to give an upvote!