Achievement Token #2 – Under 1000 Ave Rank

Posted in Game Announcements, Tokens on July 2nd, 2008

Apparently some haters in the new Achievement Token thread didn’t think we’d do one of these based on average rank. I’m not really sure why… but that’s why they’re haters, I guess.

Anyway, this has been in store since we came up with all of these initial reqs for achievement tokens. Just like with yesterday’s, if you meet the req (either now or in the future)… just go to your levelrank page to gain access to the song. You’ll find it on Page 3 of Token.

Happy Rainbow is an uptempo and happy (duh) song by OSTER Project and is stepped by bmah. To meet the req, get an average rank under 1000 and then check your levelrank.

For those wondering, there are 4177 users with 1 billion or more GTS. There are currently 343 users with an average rank under 1000. So this is a decent bit harder to get!


PS – LD wants me to mention something dealing with the Level Stats page… something about it now showing perf/good/av/miss, etc.

77 Responses to “Achievement Token #2 – Under 1000 Ave Rank”

  1. cool even though i cant get it

  2. Cool! We need a LOT more tokens!!!! 15 000 000 until i get the first achivement and for the under 1000 average, i’d said A LOT OF SONGS!

  3. dang…..this will be very hard, assuming that I already am av ranked 1300 something ish and can barely go lower….

  4. Only 343?? :O I’m glad most of the best don’t care about average rank, it makes me look better lol. All I care about is average rank, thanks!

  5. oh well , i got the first token and now the second one :) thanks tass and LD

  6. O_O Is July Achievement Token month?

  7. Yeah dude. I got both tokens in a matter of seconds ^^

  8. 369 av. rank here. =P

    I like the music and the file. =)

  9. My avg rank is horrid (like 15,000). I probably won’t be getting this token anytime soon…

  10. “PS – LD wants me to mention something dealing with the Level Stats page… something about it now showing perf/good/av/miss, etc.”

    lolol cruel tass

    awesome req people will have to play all the songs hahahaha cruel tass

  11. well but if they care about playing that token song then they wont mind playing all the other songs
    not cruel enough

  12. Fun file. Really enjoyed it.

  13. Easy =)

  14. yey both tokenz are mine

  15. Tomorrow I’ll get it. 1028 avrank.

  16. lxDestinyxl = hater… hah

    I never cared about average rank. :(

  17. 18k Avg rank. time to go AAA those beginer songs i’ve been too lazy to play.

  18. Oh, and playing every single song won’t cut it to get under 1000 ave rank. I played all on the list (except two I haven’t unlocked in secret yet) and I’m currently optimizing my scores. The bothersome tunes are the easy ones I can’t seem to AAA that give a lousy ranking as well as Flight of the Bumblebee that I can’t seem to get under 10,000th…

  19. Yay! Rank 21

  20. Rank 21 as well with a score of (15).

  21. Great, now I’m forced to play all of the boring, easy songs to get a token.

  22. wouldn’t their be 999 ppl with this token?

  23. LD Lies >:O

    Unless I’m stupid.

    Probably stupid.

  24. And @ chidori: No, it’s average rank, not overall. average comes from the combined ranks of all the songs you have, and well, the average of that. There could be billions of people with the token if everyone AAA’d everything and got rank 1. :P

  25. DOH, only under 15000 as of right now.

  26. Woot both tokens gotten in seconds.

    wow only 343 users, that’ll increase soon.

  27. Ughhh.
    Must get lower av rank. D:

  28. Wow, watch as avrank suddenly becomes WAY more competitive :) Neat idea for a token.

  29. Only 343??? Well aren’t I lucky?

  30. What is LD talking about?
    I checked level stats and didn’t see anything new O.o

  31. @ 30 thats because ur average rank is not <1000

  32. Aww, this is going to force me to go spread on my account sometime.

  33. Thank you I fucking love happy rainbow.
    and the level ranks look great LD.

  34. I hate you guys for making me play all of the easy songs to get my avg rank down. I’m quite happy with it in the 9000′s right now.

  35. For everybody saying they have to play the easy songs… you don’t have to play them anymore now than you did before. If you didn’t care enough to play them in the first place anyway, then you probably don’t have all the easier skill tokens. And, if you do have them… you probably didn’t play them anyway. So I don’t get it.

  36. My Avg rank is OVER 9000!!!

  37. Um.. once you get under 1000, does the token stay even you fall behind again?

  38. even if*

  39. I’m just loving these new tokens.


  40. the last token was a freebie and this ones going to take me a while

  41. Darkbear: yes. you only need to unlock it once, and you’ll have it for life.

  42. How do you even lower your average rank?!

  43. Tass, you know you want to make a token available only to those who have AAA’d Synthlight.

    Come on, do it, man. :D

  44. Do you have to play every song at least once?

  45. Cool! I have two new tokens :D

  46. I win.

  47. Dood, omg fireworks tomawrow. :D DDDDDD! Sorry, I thought someone would forget. Sorry for the double post.

  48. Yay! I haves it! ;D

  49. Oh ops also for those wondering how to get their average rank down, just go to your level rank, and play EVERY SONG and get the best score you can get. You don’t have to pass it – just play it. It is calculated on how well you do in ALL the songs, hence more than 1 player can have the same rank, hence why there’s not 999 people with the token. -_-

  50. I got this one already, hm we should have an achievement token for like time (years or something) , gameplayed (certain amount) and other stuff like a specialized one that deals with our birthday symbol, like Leo idk, these are just ideas.

  51. 2 easy token get… I’m liking this :D

  52. Awesome, I’m one of those 343 with my rank under 1000 (227 at the moment */brag*)

  53. aww man now that means i have like 2,000 to go to get under the 1000 for the token.

  54. Lol, easy unlock.

  55. I love these. ^_^

  56. Also suggestion: Why don’t you make a seperate page on the tokens page for achievement tokens?

  57. 137 -KIDTHONG- 305.4631
    Rank 137 out of average ranks. not to mention most of those in front of me have not refreashed there level rank stats making me further from 1. i used to be average 247 then i stopped playing and it skyrocked up to 300. i kept it like that for almost a month now and i stopped for 2 days boom 5 more added. lol people are getting better. (: also people are getting used to the average miss fix. good job for those guys beating all my scores XD

  58. i KNEW u would make me do all the 4 min rock songs tass lol

  59. Yes, thank you Sir Tass!
    The 1bil thing I didn’t even have to work for since I have almost 2bil! But this I like! My avg rank is only 5900! Whoo! Yay lack of skill!!!

  60. dammit, hah, this could take a while for me :D

  61. This’ll take a while, since my average rank is over 23 thousand. :/

  62. I would’ve had this is my stats didn’t get wiped.

  63. Yea, my Overall Rank is pretty Godly (if I do say so myself) but my Average rank is pretty noobish lol.
    But this just motivates me to get more AAAs. I got some work to do.

  64. Hurrah for average rank 3. I hope these tokens get progressively harder to where only the top 1% of the users will be able to get them. Full synthlight AAA token would be harsh. Although i would have it.

  65. yeah, I’m never going to get this. lol. good thing there’s stepmania.

  66. One of the tokens we have in store only has 17 people that will be able to unlock at (including me), at the time. Clearly more people will get it once we make it an achievement.

    PS – Top 1% = top 11,000. Bad useage. Both of these tokens are far less than top 1%.

  67. I assume we are talking about active users and not the 1.5 million.

  68. Wait…. THAT SONG!!! I recently found a flash simulatoin called Beat Beat Revoltuion… And I played that song. XD Gah. I think theres no way I can get those purrdy tokens. ^^;

  69. I just think it would be a really satisfying reward for those who have reached that milestone.

    Sitting through SSSG…Zelda…Slap Guitar…I could go on and on…just saying them is agonizing enough.

  70. nice! im one of those 300 or so..

  71. Dang, I really want to get all the tokens I designed, but I suck at FFR for the moment.

  72. Wait a sec, are these token songs part of the queue clearing event? or has that not even started yet?

  73. Hey, the next token is out. I only have 166 FCs :(

  74. Cool! (is one of the 343)

    For those wondering, there are 4177 users with 1 billion or more GTS. There are currently 343 users with an average rank under 1000.

    Average: 535.8592

  75. gay/
    my adv. rank is 3k.
    not soo cool now,

  76. OMG 76th!

  77. hehe, as of like, 2 seconds ago… I have over 1 bil total =D

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