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It’s Saturday night and there’s a whole world full of limitless possibilities that are all patiently waiting for you to take the first step towards them. Whether you decide to take full advantage of these opportunities by going out and drowning yourself in cocktail after cocktail until you eventually reach the point that formulating any sort of coherent speech would be nothing more than an act of futility, or whether you take the considerably more relaxing route by opting to stay in and to surround yourself with the objects of your affection, be them physical or otherwise, you’ve nevertheless been granted repose from the drudgery of your everyday life? That is unless of course you have some sort of important engagement to adhere to such as having to go into work or having to craft a lengthy essay that’s due at midnight, in which case the rest of the population will be sure to mourn your plights. If you unfortunately happen to fall under the latter category then try not to feel too down in the dumps, for whenever you return from or finish up whatever it is that you have to do then you’ll have a whole new selection of FFR songs to try out! Hooray! Now then, let’s see what this week has in store for us, shall we?

Can’t Hide Your Love by Kola Kid (Kommisar) – Expert [68] / 2:26 / Arcade / 8-bit Breakcore
Exotic Matter by JT Bruce (Tidus810) – Challenging [56] / 3:00 / Rock / Progressive Rock
Redirected Moonlight by The Leviathan (MarioNintendo) / Very Difficult [51] / 2:02 / Classical / Piano Instrumental
Let’s Go by Blue Stahli (trumaestro) / Standard [30] / 2:31 / Rock / Rock
Vortex by Atomhead (Choofers) – Brutal [86] / 4:06 / Misc / Cyberdelic Flashcore
Korean Madness by TANUKI (_.Spitfire._) – Difficult [44] / 1:45 / Token / K-Core

Our first file of the week can be seen as a spiritual successor of sorts to the Spaceman file that’s already in-game. Much like its predecessor, Can’t Hide Your Love is also an intense chipbreak song that’s by Kola Kid and has been lovingly stepped by chiptune aficionado Kommisar. Those of you who have played the FFR Community Pack’s Spring 2012 edition should recognize this file, especially if you played it on Stepmania 3.9 or lower. The song itself is quite abrasive and the steps do a superb job of emphasizing the in-your-faceness as well. Fans of brief spurts of moderately dense jumpstream and both the extended and mini variety of trills should have a blast with this file, while those who either dislike or downright loathe said patterns will perhaps turn over a new leaf after giving this song a try.

The next of our files, Exotic Matter, marks Tidus810′s fourth in-game file as well as the very first for artist JT Bruce. This particular instrumental piece is relatively eclectic, featuring very few instances in which a section of the song will repeat itself more than once, if at all for that matter. Make sure to enjoy them before they fade away into nothingness. Tread lightly in your sightreads, for several tricky patterns ranging from 32nd staircases to the occasional mini-jack and even a gsurpriseh ending may catch you off guard and prove to be detrimental to what may have once been a flawless or nearly-flawless run. Veterans can find this bad boy in the Rock section, and those users who aren’t veterans just yet can longingly stare at Rock section for a week until it magically appears for them.

Don’t be fooled by The Leviathan’s particularly imposing moniker: Redirected Moonlight (FFR Cut) is actually quite a blithe and airy piano instrumental. Resident stepartist and simfile judge MarioNintendo employs his usual technically apt style when it comes to working with piano songs and has once again created a file that you and your family will be sure to enjoy time and time again. However, make sure you don’t come in thinking that just because you’re facing a mid-difficulty piano file that you’re only going to be in for 8th notes and the occasional 16th run or grace note to try and trip you up. Patterns as varied as can be work together to build up to a climactic jumpstream run that is admittedly quite satisfying to hit. Adopt your finest piano virtuoso persona and head on down to the Classical section if you want to give this one a try.

The next song in our roster sounds like it would make for the perfect backdrop to a scene in a movie or television show that features a massive fifty person brawl inside of a seedy bar that’s out in the middle of outskirts of town. Songs with headbanging vocals and powerful guitar rifts aren’t usually featured in rhythm games outside of Guitar Hero or Rock Band all that often, but Blue Stahl has managed to create a piece that is able to transcend boundaries and makes for an enjoyable arrow-tapping experience. Let’s Go, stepped by the one and only trumaestro, features minimalistic layering that should be agreeable with beginners and experts alike. Let’s Go to the Rock section (*cough*) and give it a try, shall we?

Continuing on in our FFR Community Pack to FFR itself tradition, Choofers has reworked his Summer 2012 file of Atomhead’s flashcore song Vortex so that all of you lovely folks at home can enjoy it wherever there’s an internet connection and a keyboard. Much like an actual vortex, the song itself is dark and foreboding yet at the same time brimming with energy and life. At times the listener is made to feel as if they’re suspended in an endless void, floating in an darkened abyss that’s far removed from humanity, while at others they’re made to feel as if the universe along with all of its inhabitants are whizzing past them at the speed of light. Intense distortion and glitchy bursts of percussion and rough noise act as auditory epileptic fits to give the song its high intensity and resulting 86 difficulty rating. If you’re a Veteran and feel up to the challenge of tackling colorful bursts and other difficult stepfile shenanigans, descend downwards to the depths of Misc and face your destiny. If you like what you hear and want to imbibe yourself with more experimental electronic music as well, check out Atomhead’s other works at http://www.entity.be/undacova/.

Our final song in this week’s slew of releases is Korean Madness. Rather than being about some sort of disease hailing from Korea that forces people to rip off all of their clothing and run into the streets screaming the lyrics of their favorite SNSD song until a passing motorist puts an end to their suffering, Tanuki instead brings us a much more cheerful and upbeat remix of the synonymous viral video for which the song derives its name. The file, which is brought to us by the master of all things ending in -core himself _.Spitfire._, is fairly straightforward and shouldn’t pose too much of a threat in your AAA’ing, FC’ing or passing endeavors, save of course for one minor detail. If you yearn to discover what this detail actually entails then you’ll have to unlock the token.

By this point in time you’re probably asking yourself something along the lines of, And what, pray tell, are the sorts of rigorous trials that I’ll have to undergo in order to unlock this Korean Madness file of which your speak? Will I have to AAA Starry Sky over and over until I either get mad or go mad? Will I have to play every song that’s made by either a Korean artist or stepartist in a row? Will I have to use the a=1, b=2, c=3 code to achieve a score of 11-15-18-5-1 on any given song so that I can spell out KOREA? Will I have to move to Korea, get a career there, start a family and live a prosperous life for at least twenty years before an official FFR representative comes to check on me and awards me the token manually? Well, luckily for you, nobody at FFR is mean enough to incorporate such demonic skills token requirements as those. In fact, the file in question isn’t even a skill token to begin with! Korean Madness is the first normal token to be released since Sicilian Sun was incorporated into the site almost four years ago. If you wish to unlock this newest addition to the normal token repertoire then you’ll have to do a bit of searching around the site. Might I suggest somewhere that’s apply named in the spirit of the song itself?

That’s it for now! As always, feel free to drop a line in either the comments section of this page or in the Songs of the Week thread. If you haven’t already, you can also enjoy and share your opinions on the past week’s two Veteran files, Alchemy and Tokimori Uta, as they have now been released to the public. Keep in mind as well that there’s a Gamewhore Competition that starts at midnight server time on Saturday November the 17th. Those of you who are able to get the highest grand total score in the course of twenty-four hours will get the chance to be adorned with lavish tokens and bountiful credits, and those of you that fall a bit shy of the top three spots will still have fun anyways.


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  1. Awesome, playing the new stuff now!

  2. VORTEX!!!!!

  3. Yay for new songs <3

  4. I searched on leonid’s profile and didnt find the token wtf

  5. uh oh…. i remember getting sooo frustrated searching for tokens.
    i’m excited for a revival of these tho :)
    and plz people, no one be lame and start posting solutions on the web

  6. These front page posts are like fucking novels I DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO READ ALL THIS but I’m gonna anyway.

  7. yes! found it

  8. @Hateandhatred lol that was the first thing I did too. I eventually found it though.

  9. i almost shat myself because the guy in the picture looks like aphex twin and i thought someone got permission for his music or something…

  10. It’d make sense if it were Aphex Twin since Can’t Hide Your Love samples one of his songs, but it’s Atomhead I guess.

  11. I noticed you

  12. I like that the malcoded link at the end actually went to a legitimate page :P

  13. You have been noticed.

  14. I noticed you now that other people did :P

    Also forgot to say, yay Blue Stahli! Great chart, booflag sightread :<

  15. Korea

  16. i need another clue for korean because *****#*%?&36

  17. token was easy. im glad they are hopefully making a comeback

  18. lol all of us who cant find the token foaming at the mouth because its way too hard and its probably right in front of our faces the whole time

  19. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve searched the regional rankings for Asia, checked the top profiles, and even went to the world map to see if it was in Korea. It’s probably a lot easier than I’m making it out to be.

  20. Cant figure it out urrrgh hate crime

  21. This token will be the end of me lol

  22. I think I found the token, but it’s broken. This is the 2nd normal token broken for me. :(

  23. (: I actually went to the part where it was at and i never scrolled to it to see it lol

  24. Must have neglected to see the token about 10 times..

  25. it took months but i finally got my first sond into ffr. ;D Redirected Moonlight

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