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I make chip music with my gameboy and play keysmashing games. Hi, my name's Christophe; but you can call me Chris. I make simfiles for FFR, but due to eternal frustration with the game's lag I refuse to play it. If you have any comments or requests for simfiles don't hesitate to ask.
chip music, crossfire, counter-strike, stepmania, snes gaming, hockey, ITG, Pump it up, swimming etc.
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Gran Torino
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kommisar's Music on FFR
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Chrome Gadget Zone 8bit mix8-bit Remix29-06-11
ColibriEnergetic Chiptune03-11-12
Posers Listen to Fakebit MusicGabba15-12-12
kommisar's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Bogey at your Six8-bit17-11-11
Randomness Reactor IIITech Breaks29-09-08
Master MaidHard Dance19-12-08
Jeanie and CarolineSka Breakbeats13-02-09
Fighting For Control8-bit05-04-09
Nebula [she]Chiptronica05-06-09
Dimensions Of A SquareDeep House02-08-09
Of course you Need and...NEED MESpeedcore24-12-10
Arrogant CobblerTechno01-02-11
Staring at my Spaceship8-bit Bossa Lounge14-02-11
INFINITY HyperspaceGame Music08-03-11
Cinnamon RollTechno Pop11-04-11
Dance and ZealHard Rock16-06-11
Musicmaker RXAcid House07-07-11
Mathsma AttackChiptune Extreme20-07-11
Heavenly SporesUplifting Chiptune08-09-11
Rain [YMCK]Cutie 8-bit Pop24-12-11
DeterminationHard Rock27-12-11
Futsuu No UtaAkiba-Pop29-03-12
ChaosmaidSpeedy Electro04-05-12
Spaceman8-bit Breakcore11-08-12
Intersect ThunderboltHard Rock29-09-12
Can't Hide Your Love8-bit Breakcore09-11-12
Lightning Strikes Again - Metal SquadEpic Rock09-12-12
Twinkle Of The StarsTechno Pop16-12-12
Infinity [cosMo]Epic Elecore19-02-13
The Big CrunchChiptune07-04-13
Arsonist8-bit Trance13-04-13
Macau UndergroundHardcore Rave01-06-13
Purple Drank8-bit Breakcore04-01-14
Fuse GymnastChiptune23-01-14
Random Thoughts
Posted on: October 28, 2012, at 10:02:48pm   [7 comments]
I feel like I should have more. Someone send me something steppable to send next batch.
Posted on: June 4, 2012, at 09:58:24am   [11 comments]
I don't quite get this yet
Posted on: August 5, 2011, at 10:18:22am   [12 comments]
I WON'T SAY FOR WHO I'M MAKING THIS SONG BECAUSE THIS WILL START WARS, but I'd like suggestions on what style of chip to make! Anything goes.
Posted on: July 15, 2011, at 06:20:59am   [13 comments]
I feel creative, but have no idea what to start with. Anyone want a cover/certain style of song done? I just need an excuse to compose again.
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Arntonach writes at 11:38:38pm on 7/18/14
hi \)
MarioNintendo writes at 11:07:29pm on 6/27/14
ey mate
Xx{Fallen}xX writes at 9:07:26am on 6/1/14
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 5:06:52pm on 5/30/14
huh? whats that mean? i dont have to do hard work of putting it together? OwO
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 10:46:49am on 5/30/14
luminous flower >w<
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 7:29:49am on 5/30/14
this chart is proving weird to me after a while...its not syncing the way i need it too...[ether that or i just fails...>w<]
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 7:16:59pm on 5/29/14
koooooomi~!! i need helps...=n=
sakura080789 writes at 12:19:26am on 5/29/14
MarioNintendo writes at 12:28:32pm on 5/27/14
Moi je dis que c'est une idée de génie. Il faudrait que tout FFR s'entende là-dessus au plus vite pour qu'on soit tous proches. Moi perso j'aimerais avoir une room pas loin de toi, retro gaming ftw bro
MarioNintendo writes at 11:49:54am on 5/27/14
100% d'accord man. Je veux absolument venir. Vu que je connais la gang, ca va aller encore plus vite vers le party. Insanity.
L'année prochaine, Sven peut pas nous faire le lift, faq moi et team quebec faudra qu'on se planfie de quoi. Moi en tout cas j'aimerais trouver un hotel plus proche de l'event. Si on pouvait se prendre des chambres proches ta team et ma team, me semble que c'est des plans pour avoir ben du fun!