Keep an eye out!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on November 24th, 2012

I promised you guys some goodies to celebrate the 10th anniversary and you’re going to get them. Keep your eyes on the events subforum today, you never know when a spon con may pop up ;) . My lovely event helpers will be hosting them today so be sure to listen to what they have to say.

Good luck everyone and have fun!

-psychoangel691 & the FFR Event Helpers (YOSHl, PrawnSkunk and foxfire667)

15 Responses to “Keep an eye out!”

  1. I hope tokens are involved!

  2. Just in time for me almost becoming a vet! :D Can’t wait!

  3. Goodies yay.

  4. hmmm? did someone say tokens? ;)

  5. I hope chocolate is involved

  6. I hear tokens. :o

  7. Are you gonna do it tomorrow too D:

  8. interesting :)

  9. ( ?° ?? ?°)

  10. i’m awaiting with a full fledged boner

  11. Two spon-cons already…both hosted by the FFR event helpers. I guess that leaves only one user left, I wonder if he will release a spon-con soon.

  12. @alloyus most likely

  13. ^but prolly not every day because that wouldnt make sense and it would get a little hectic

  14. @SC this is stuff for this weekend to celebrate the 10th anniversary. No one said anything about everyday.

  15. that makes me so happy, I had work today :(

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