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April fools day contest?

~stay tuned~

St. Patrick’s Day Song Release!

St. Patrick's Day~ So, St. Patrick’s Day is here once again and boy do we have some fun in store for you and your arrow hungry fingers on this extra green weekend!

First of all, a special edition release of 5 songs plus the Veteran song from 2 weeks ago is going public PLUS we have another contest for you to put your butt on the line and potentially get rewarded with some delicious tokens + credits ;D

In the next few hours there will be details of the weekends contest, so stay tuned and keep your eye on this page! But before any of that, we are going to get into the groove of St. Patrick’s Day with some new song releases.

[March 17 Released Songs]
G runtilda’s Lair by chaoticmarin (ninjaKIWI) – Arcade (8-bit) / Tricky / 1:20
R evolutionary Etude v2 by Chopin (Silvuh) – Skill Token (Classical) / Very Challenging / 2:47
E ntry of the Gladiators, Op.68 by Julius Fucik (hi19hi19) – Classical (Classical Fanfare) / Difficult / 1:22
E lectric Daisy Violin by Lindsey Stirling (iironiic) – Dance (Folk Dance Pop) / Challenging / 3:11
N aiNai 69 by DJ Sharpnel (_.Spitfire._ + Coolboyrulez0) – Dance 2 (Hardcore) / For Gurus Only / 2:05

All of the files this week are all a little different as you will discover, but fear not, this is but a temporary case of the greens. (and as you might have noticed, the FFR banner has been slapped with a bit of green too.) There is no veteran song this week, but there is a Skill Token to add to your collection! Revolutionary Etude v2 can be unlocked by passing its predecessor, Revolutionary Etude, located in the Legacy genre.

Last of all there is the veteran’s song from two weeks ago which is now public:
Lawn Wake II by The Flashbulb (0) – Secret [42,000 Credits] (Drill’n Bass) / For Gurus Only / 2:24

If you have any comments about this release, you should direct them towards the thread.
So have a green-tastic St. Patrick’s Day, mash some arrows and get your green on!
~nois-or-e and the FFR Staff

Leap Year Day SponCon!!

Leap Year Day!!Leap days fall every 1460 days or so, but are rarely celebrated.

So, I figured we would change that for FFRs 3rd leap year day with a bit of a FREEDOM DiVE giveaway!!!
For those of you that are unaware, FREEDOM DiVE by Xi, (stepped by hi19hi19) is a token that was given away in december as a part of the cross-event with Thirdstyle.

This token will also be given away to the top 5 in a highest unique score contest! Regularly, a AAA is the best score possible on any given song. But if more than one person submits a AAA, the score is no longer unique.

The song you will be playing is Space Entropy (cry4eternity) – Misc / Very Easy / 1:37
Your job is to submit a score as high as possible but with it remaining unique to everybody elses. This will be based on raw scoring, so ignore the total score in your results when deciding what scores to submit, though there are a few other things to keep in mind when entering.
Each member will be allowed 2 submissions
The submissions must be a legitimate screenshot
Both submissions must be in the same PM


Submissions are CLOSED!!

If you’d like to see the results or weigh in on how this event went,  feel free to visit the thread.

Now, unfortunately I couldn’t give away tokens to everyone, but rest assured that there will be another FREEDOM DiVE sponcon in the near future~ So congrats to deadpony, andy-o24, wildfireskunk, Crazyjayde, Breakdown16 & all of our other entrants that helped make this SponCon a success, also for all of the positive feedback in the PMs (you guys know who you are <3)!!!

~nois-or-e and the FFR Staff

FFR: Valentines Day Edition

Entries are closed, the votes have been tallied…

And the header that is going to grace FFR on every page for the next 48hrs is FOUR OF THEM!!!

With the variety of entries received being quite unique and interesting, we eventually found a winner with Evnoir, who will receive 40,000 credits and the choice of a pink or purple prochat userbar for a week. Close in second place was Silvuh, who is the lucky recipient of the 10,000 credits and the same prochat userbar choice for 3 days.

Now, we couldn’t just leave it as that because there were so many awesome entries, so in a tie for 3rd we have Cold Kitten and the winner of our last SponCon TheThong, who will given a bonus prize of 5,000 credits each!
All four of these banners will be randomly chosen each time visit a new page until 6am on the 15th, at which point the site will return to its familiar blue theme once more. And to all of the other users that submitted their art, you will be rewarded with 1,000 credits for your efforts, and as promised your names on the front page.

So a big FFR thankyou to Emithith, Magic_V2, Xx{Midnight}xX, Anaru, CammyGoesRawr, sakura080789, cardman2012, zegsigma, supermousie, chrysler, Coolboyrulez0, justin_ator, noname219, iironiic, PrawnSkunk, Deadpony, andy-o24, Jake Ferguson, LaterDays, Mau5, Raining Nails. This contest was a success because of your combined participation, and the manner of support for each others work in the thread was commendable by most. Also, thankyou to Zageron for coding in the header changes for this event!

~nois-or-e and the FFR Staff, wishing you a happy and love-filled Valentines day!

Along with this, I’ve released a new Velocity Engine update with a new noteskin thanks to darkshark. The new engine is called ~Alone~, so enjoy!


Valentines Day SponCon!

Feel the love~
~Valentines day~

A day that brings about thoughts of love, togetherness, flowers and candy. So here at FFR we’ve decided to let you guys have a go at making something special to grace the site for this special occassion.
Using the the current logo/header as a size guide, create your very own valentines day themed logo for ffr! Standard sort of rules regarding what material is permitted on the site apply, but the size must remain 362×108 pixels. You may use any programs/medium that you’d like (no .gifs please, static images only), and any colour scheme as long as the site name is still present.

EDIT: ~Entries are now closed~

The entries can all be viewed in this thread.

The winner will have their FFR logo used on EVERY page of the site for the complete span of Valentines day time zones
from 6am on the 13th, through to 6am on the 15th (-12GMT to +12GMT).

On top of that, the winning entry will gain themselves a pink/purple userbar in prochat for 7 days + 40,000 credits!
The runner-up will receive their choice of a pink/purple userbar for 3 days + 10,000 credits!

All other valid entries will receive a small credit prize for their contribution, and their names will appear on the front page when all the winners are announced!! So get designing, dazzle your fellow FFRians with your mad skills and feel the love!

~nois-or-e and the FFR Staff

FFR Shirts: To those of you who are wondering about your pre-ordered FFR T-Shirts, there has been a slight delay in the printing process due to a shortage of Anvil brand shirts on their part. The batch of shirts will be sent out Monday the 13th.

Spontaneous Contest!

Blast to the past in flash games…  get the highest score you can on Nanaca Crash.  Upload the screenshot to your FFR profile, then put a link to the SS as a comment to this news post.

Contest ends in 2 hours, at 8pm PST (11pm EST).  Winner will get a 3 month subbie and 20k credits.

Congrats to X Seraphim X! Contest OVER.


PSH #4 – Results!

View all of the hilarious and creative photos/videos in the forum thread.

1st place: 2 year subbie + All 3 Albums + 50,000 credits
2nd place: 2 year subbie + 1 Album of your choice + 25,000 credits
3rd place: 1 year subbie + 10,000 credits
4th place: 6 month subbie + 5,000 credits
5th place: 3 month subbie + 2,000 credits

Honorable Mention: Tainted Rainbow (82) – welcome to the forums! your first post was your submissions… hopefully you’ll stick around for some more. CODxGLITCH (90) – you look 10 dude… your wedgie picture is disturbing. also a newbie to our forums. welcome and congrats! Heartseeker7 (108) – you called it… 3 times in a row. always a bridesmaid, never a bride. alloyus (112) – nice custom FFR shirt. but seriously… i don’t look like a fat-faced asian. .

5th place - Prime8 – I feel bad that you bought a wig… try to return it or something. I gave you a ton of bonus points, as your pics were really funny. Just not enough of them. 123 points.

4th place - Dark_Chrysalis – All around solid. 155 points.

3rd place - fermble – Awesome pics. The lack of a 2x bonus for an FFR shirt definitely hurt. 160 points is still more than respectable.

2nd place - iheartbyakuya – Late to the party, but it’s not about how you start… it’s how you finish. Tons of pics, awesome vids for bonus points, and a coin collection x2 got you a boost from 5th place in PSH3 to 2nd place here. 186 points.

and… the crazy manboob himself…

1st place - eastsideman09 – Almost every picture and insane combo photos to boot for some extra points. The real over the top was the 23 point shirt bonus off the 14 people / Waldo picture. 202 points total.

Photo Scavenger Hunt #4

Ok..  PSH 4 is NOW through Sunday.  I went through all the comments and took a bunch of the suggestions.  There are about 40 items on the list.

Check back NOW for the full list!  Start the trash talking here in the official thread.

Rule notes for those not familiar:
-PLEASE PUT ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS INTO 1 POST AND USE IMG TAGS INSTEAD OF LINKS. That way, everyone will be able to see the hilarity of your work AND it’ll save me a lot of time in the tallying phase. Also, use [img] tags, not links!
-The photos must be taken since the start of the contest, not prior.
-The photos need to be of real, live places/things… not of pictures off the internet. All photos are subject to not counting or partial credit at my discretion. Bonuses can also be awarded for funny photos, video, or anything I feel like.

1st place: 2 year subbie + All 3 Albums + 50,000 credits
2nd place: 2 year subbie + 1 Album of your choice + 25,000 credits
3rd place: 1 year subbie + 10,000 credits
4th place: 6 month subbie + 5,000 credits
5th place: 3 month subbie + 2,000 credits


Contests In Your Future!

Few contests to announce, as the 5th Official is starting to wind down.

1) 4th PSH.  That’s Photo Scavenger Hunt, for those not familiar.  A PSH is where I give a bunch of things that you need to find (or do) and photograph.  The harder I think it is for you to do, the more points it’s worth.  Most points wins.  Contest will probably be next weekend, Thurs-Sun.  I NEED IDEAS.  POST YOUR PSH SUGGESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS!

2) 3rd GWC.  That’s GameWhore Competition, for those not familiar.  A GWC is a 24 hour event where you play lot of FFR and try to get the most.  We’ve done most points in 24 hours and also lowest average rank from a new account in 24 hours.  We’ll be using Vanilla Mnm‘s idea.  Thanks!

3) 40568th SponCon.  That’s Spontaneous Contest, for those not familiar.  A SponCon is a small, unannounced contest lasting only a few hours.  NAME EVERY SONG IN FFR THAT HAS ’123′ AS PART OF ITS NUMBER OF STEPS.  note: There are x number of songs that meet this…  and 1 additional widget song.  I do not expect you to get the widget song, but if you do there will be a bonus.

edit: Congrats Jugglinguy on winning.  Lulz at Rushyrulz.  Bonus goes to MrMagic5239!

Prize: 3 month subbie for the winner.  20,000 credits if anyone gets the widget song.  GO GO GO!