Token #6

Posted in Uncategorized on February 26th, 2007

Thought we were going to let you guys off the hook and go to bed early tonight? HA! Not a chance.

We have prepped a new token while you were busy posting in the profiles. You will see that I have already found the token. If I have found it, so can you.

Easy one tonight.


Synthlight + many thanks to JasonKey

261 Responses to “Token #6”

  1. sweet number one

  2. Uno

  3. so really though no hints???

  4. not one or uno

  5. wheee luckiemee!!

  6. uncool. need sleep.

  7. aww man thats not even cool…

  8. got it. easy enough

  9. I think I broke the record. Took me about 4 seconds.

  10. lol i found it to

  11. shit that was easy

    thx synth

    im normally horrible at finding this stuff, but not tonight

  12. Lmao. Easy token. Thanks.

  13. i beat you rednanaki

  14. I told you would be easy and yes, I left a hint.. I always leave a hint.



  15. But it says you haven’t found it. =/

  16. bahaha that was lame…
    nice one synth hahaha

  17. Easy One. Ill play the song tomorrow. Good night everyone =)

  18. TOKENS!!!

  19. yay.

  20. behhh…

  21. Thanks for the freebie Synth~! :D
    #21 ftw?

  22. token

  23. We should have token week, a token song every day.

  24. Uhm

  25. Synth, you haven’t found it yet! Well, haven’t clicked it yet anyways.

    So, why aren’t the token songs counted on the average rank list?

  26. funny thing is i figured it out earlier.. mustve been a glitch

  27. u mustve been REALLY bored to make it THAT easy…. lol

  28. lol

  29. hmm… *sniff*

  30. ooo new song..hope I find it

  31. how do u get it?

  32. Lol that was easy!

  33. wow lol took me 15 minutes

  34. u serious? this was the easiest in the whole world! i found it 10 seconds after i read the post aboutit

  35. In search of token #6, I found token #4.

  36. If you didn’t find it, cool down a little and don’t think so hard.

  37. Too easy.

  38. that was a short lil treasure hunt…i think we need a harder one next, cuz the past few have been realllyyy easy

  39. i wonder

  40. that was easy…

  41. I guess someone deleted my comment…. Awesome

  42. :D

  43. More tokens :)

  44. hmmm…yay token

  45. Easy as fries =)

  46. where is it?

  47. Easy?
    *starts looking*

  48. wow that was like the second easyiest 1 synth gave it away he told the answer its not that hard!

  49. ignore me asking weher it is. that was stupid

  50. That..
    was amazingly..
    EEASYYY. =x

  51. hmmmm this is hard

  52. out i found it

  53. omg lol that was so amzazing’ly easy!!! If you ppl read the hole thing you should be able to finde it lol

  54. lol… tokens

  55. Best joke in months

  56. blurpity blur
    why cant i figure it out?

  57. rawr

  58. wow that was easy lol

  59. OMG 2 EASY!

  60. i’m gonna try to find it now…

  61. esay peasy lemon sqweezy!!!

  62. i keep clicking it but it won’t show up on my profile D:

  63. Found=] I think. Copper?

  64. Hmm, cant find :(

  65. hmm…

  66. Wow o_o

  67. wowzers!

  68. Things like this always confuse me :(

  69. thx for a ez free song

  70. Hehe


  72. omfg, man. i didnt know thered b another damn token, and my parents took away my damn pc! jesus….. thank god i can use a PSP, although it doubles load time and halves detail. thanx a lot, Synth…..

  73. Easy but fun ;) thx.

  74. rofl, nvm! remember i said “halves detail”? thats y i ddnt get it the first time! ahh fuck im tired. lol

  75. very easy ;D found in the first try :D

  76. Meh, i found my first token (#1) while looking for this one!

  77. Answer me… ;-; Why aren’t the tokens displayed on the level rank page?

  78. that was the easiest token yet to find easier then the first 1 so thanks for the good clue

  79. Yes peasy. xD

  80. next token please make it like really hard to find, like no one would be able to find it in one day lol

  81. hehe…5 seconds…love you as much as ever synth! :-P

  82. thx for the “free” song ;)

  83. i was just like: hmmmm… then i remembered that theve been really easy. i just went there and got it.

  84. I like ‘em easier. It makes the token thing fun but not frustrating.

  85. that was pretty easy but w/e

  86. Found it. Thanks Synth.


  87. ???

  88. Ok, then.

  89. tokens are cool

  90. Ok, the first place I looked… lol that was WAY TOO EASY!!!!!!

  91. sounds easy. i gotta try it.

  92. idk where it is!

  93. nvm i feel stupid now

  94. Found it, it’s not too hard. He always leaves a hint in the news, you don’t even really need to read carefully just read it and see what ideas u get.

  95. Too easy, lol.

  96. Found it plus found 3 others as well. :)

  97. i wont:P

  98. 100!!!yeh!

  99. 101! Yeah!

  100. weird

  101. Searching…

  102. yes

  103. omg i found it in like 20 seconds lol, it wasnt so hard

  104. I have played ffr for quite awhile but never did any of these contest i always read them but i always miss them :( they look like they would be fun. I also have no clue what the tokens are and how to find them please help me

  105. hmm… well that wasn’t really all that fun

  106. simple.

  107. Wow.

  108. Rawr! *can’t find them*

  109. lol

  110. i want hints

  111. there already is a hint. read things

  112. i can’t find it!!!!!!

  113. i just found it its soo easy

  114. i want token!

  115. e

  116. a

  117. s

  118. y

  119. Lol. This one’s so unique I love it.

  120. I might understand Synth’s hint.

  121. Wow…thanks

  122. Wow. Too easy lol.

  123. yeah, that required no thought. maybe one simple electrical impulse down an axon terminal and across a synapse. that was about it.

  124. lol


  126. yay i found it, but how come it dosent show on my pro?

  127. hi

  128. this one was easy

  129. found it in a few mins, :D

  130. nice

  131. yay i found all of them

  132. Time to look :D

  133. omg i found it! on my own! lol. It only took like 5 seconds. lol.

  134. quite possibly the easier one so far xD. I’ve only got one more to go >.> I know how to get it, but i lack the…skill. o.o

  135. i cant find it

  136. cool

  137. LOL EASY,

  138. Wow, easy as playing ukelele (how do you play ukelele?)

    anyway, dont get ur underwear in a bundle! its super easy just think!

  139. How is it so easy?

  140. 142!!!! YES!

  141. Tokennnn

  142. GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  143. haha that was easy
    you sorta made it obvious though, synthlight
    oh well, the more obvious, the better lol

  144. i just dont know where to start

  145. he gave it away in his message read it over and think

  146. wow that was an easy easy easy token to find thanks synthlight

  147. i love easy tokens…

  148. there are easy tockens…

  149. :)

  150. cool

  151. Oo

  152. ahh

  153. Finally found it without trying to look for it.

  154. awsome 155-156

  155. where?

  156. Awesome New song

  157. hawt

  158. ahhh!!!
    i cant find it T.T

  159. Took me about 1.5 – 2 minutes to find. Yay I got all 6 so far =)

  160. Umm how is it soo easy?

  161. I am wating for a CHALLENGE…. Not the song level…. I like Very Difficult+, but the toughness of finding all the toknes has never yet been a challenge. The longest time it took me to find a token song was like 10 Min. I can’t w8for the songs EVERYONE will not be able to find…. The ones that will actually take a little THOUGHT and EFFORT to find. I love all theese songs though. Keep up the good work!!!!

  162. what number is the green token

  163. love these tokens

  164. That one was too easy.

    Either that, or I’m getting better at finding tokens!

  165. this one was far to simple

  166. token is fugly

  167. haha, yessssssssssss i found it!

  168. im too tierd to do anything nor post or stuff.

  169. easy… -_-

  170. What’s really sad is (watches words) I found the right place quick….but I still didn’t see it for another 15 minutes. xD

  171. how come the easier the tokens get, the harder it is for me to find?! i found the second in like 3 secs, but this one ive been looking for for hours!!

  172. CardiacArrest i totally agree with you. I cant find this!!!

  173. Well im banned now til about March 9th…

  174. woo hoo

  175. damn this is harder than the 2nd one

  176. I don’t know about this token system o.o

  177. I really hate how u nOObs cant find this token lol. Its also an easy song. Like I said before, its way too easy to find. I mean if u cant find this one u are either a nOOb or theres obviously something wrong. 180th comment.

  178. the the heck 8o

  179. am i doing this right

  180. ok i found Xuxa but i cant find this one its so confusing T_T

  181. =]

    Got it.

  182. how come its the hard ones i find but all the “easy” ones i cant! this sucks… makes me feel stupid
    wo shi ben….

  183. cool

  184. took me 1 minute

  185. evil evil…token # 6…-_-

  186. yo

  187. hate this

  188. cant find it!

  189. read closely and find out

  190. wow this is coolz

  191. cmon who can not find it it was so ieasr i read like 5 words 3 clicks and poof

  192. WOW

  193. GOT IT !!!!

  194. Hey, if he “found it”, maybe you should go to “his profile” and “check” it out. This is a “very easy” one.

  195. where is it?

  196. where is it

  197. I have no idea where it could be.

    I’m not even going to look for it.

  198. its very, very obvious Devonaut.

  199. To find tokens what do you have to do? do you have to look into songs and pass them and see if u get token or look around the website?

  200. ughh tokens oii their a handful yup

  201. i found it.. but when i clicked on it it said the thing about clicking on lame links…..

  202. i found it but it sayed something about a lame link i mean wtf i got it!

  203. Haha.

  204. got it…

  205. mah

  206. l……………o………………l

  207. where is this token?

  208. Where is it

  209. i cant find it

  210. OMG so easy take me like 10 seconde xD

  211. where is it?

  212. wat the hell i cant find it

  213. I cant find it ahh

  214. grrr

  215. I can’t find it :(

  216. …..what?

  217. So I can never find these things.

  218. that was really easy

  219. so easy and obvious. i found never knowing there was a 6th token. i guess i was lucky. i only have 4 and so i suck. i wish people could challenge me on a couple. thanx if you do.

  220. this is stupid i cant find it where is it?

  221. easy….

  222. Cant…find…>_>

  223. i dont get it…

  224. *cough*..

  225. i got it but i dunno how i did so…

  226. hi please check out my profile and vote on it

  227. haha That was easy

  228. Hmmm…

  229. So confused

  230. lmao! Wow… i can’t believe it was that easy… just read it carefully and you’ll find it. If he found it then so can you.

  231. lol they need a

    “that was easy” button XD

  232. blah blah!

  233. haha that was pretty easy… just read the hint again :P

  234. I wont say im dumb, but i cant figure out any of the tokens..

  235. me either!!

  236. This one is probably one of the easiest ones.

  237. ROFL this one rulez, i found when searching 4 LOL

  238. lol.. I thing this was the one I got

  239. :|

  240. It’s easy. just read all of it people XD

  241. 244th comment lol

  242. that was the easiest at the same time my only token lol

  243. this one is retarded. I did what it said, and I posted on some profiles and I have yet to get this retarded coin… any help on this would be nice.. either post here or PM me… I don’t care tbh..

  244. 246:

    Just reaaad carefully…if he found it so can you…;)

  245. hqty

  246. o.O Easy enough, Yet I cannot find it. XD

  247. Too obvious

  248. easiest token yet

  249. Is this token still accessible? xD

  250. I actually found this one by accident without even reading the post. LOL


  251. yeah

  252. ok

  253. yay an easy token ^_^

  254. mrgrgr?

  255. What?

  256. Lets see how easy it is.

  257. .-.

  258. sweet

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