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Hi I'm Dori and I can't go 10 arrows without getting a good. I suuuuuuck.
Photography, Psychology, Astronomy, Food, Music, Dancing, Singing, Videogames, Sunshine
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30 Seconds to Mars, ATB, BT, DJ Mangoo, DJ Tiesto, GC, Motion City Sountrack, My Chemical Romance, Oceanlab, P!ATD, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, Sleeper Set Sail
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K-PAX, Bicentennial Man, Artificial Intelligence, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Stranger Than Fiction, The Fountain, The Science Of Sleep, The Truman Show, Being John Malkovich, Yes Man, The Mist, Blindness
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Dazzling Soul Complete
Posted on: June 30, 2009, at 11:35:55am   [2 comments]
I finally got it. I ended up mashing a few parts and getting boos.. but I got the full combo. :)

Dazzling Soul
Posted on: September 1, 2007, at 10:51:32am   [4 comments]
How is it that one thousand people can full combo that song? I've tried it about a hundred times.

Really makes me think I'm pretty horrible at this game.

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MrShasherax writes...
at 6:12:20am on 6/24/14
I was going to make a Finding Nemo joke, but I realized you probably get those all the time, and in any case the fish's name was Dory. I do love Ellen Degeneres, though, and I can't wait for Finding Nemo 2~~~~
MrShasherax writes...
at 2:40:32pm on 6/14/14
I love this game, and everything about it (minus the lag and ragebait steps on some songs). ^_^
Ohai, I forgot to introduce myself, how rude.
I'm Ken~
MrShasherax writes...
at 11:56:36am on 6/14/14
Well technically my comment is still relevant, seeing as we're still n00bs amongst the elite~ :P
albaneenesk8r writes...
at 3:42:47pm on 11/27/13
WTFFF been a long time xD
albaneenesk8r writes...
at 7:23:25pm on 11/30/11
Attractive writes...
at 3:13:07pm on 11/27/11
I don't give off a likable impression?? What makes you say that?? You must have mistaken me for someone else because I am very likable.
Attractive writes...
at 2:53:21pm on 11/27/11
so that you would accept it.
somma writes...
at 9:07:37pm on 9/3/11
you fucking suck
xXAll-ProXx writes...
at 10:40:42pm on 12/20/10
I found out about FFR last year, about a week before it went down. So I never created an account, after that I started playing StepMania from april till like November when I found out FFR was back, then I made an account and started playing here.
oh and you're really nice! "wondering wtf is wrong with you" lolol
xXAll-ProXx writes...
at 1:25:03pm on 12/20/10
I'm Shervin, who are YOU? :P
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