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Posted on: December 3, 2018, at 05:39:49am   [2 comments]
Nyan i super dumb at the start cause it has a weird jump trill thing that I can only hit at .5 speed. On top of that the song can be messed up at any point after that if your not careful.

This song is too unforgiving and should be deleted from existing.

Also the song itself is dumb but, that does not really matter just some more negative points.

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drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 11:06:35pm on 8/10/21
thank you very much for the friend request and profile vote :)
_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 11:54:31pm on 8/3/21
Time to catch the king on top. JK only in good fun want to motivate you to do your best. BTW nice grand total
GoPico! writes at 6:26:24pm on 8/2/21
GoPico! writes at 3:13:55am on 8/2/21
GoPico! writes at 9:25:09pm on 8/1/21
*Eats oreo with out ripping it apart*
GoPico! writes at 11:25:30pm on 7/30/21
Aquellex writes at 5:46:25am on 7/30/21
Cool to see somebody in the Discord remembering me posting a vid of doing the La Campanella ending! That ending on piano for real is still really tough, you lose all your stamina in one flash x_x And yep, my about me is ciphered in atbash!
Aquellex writes at 5:07:52am on 7/30/21
indeed I do!
123kappa3 writes at 5:51:34pm on 6/9/21
hmmm, its kind of hard to pick, I really like kindred from league which is a lamb, but she kind of acts like a fox a little, but as for real animals, polar bears, and panthers are probably my two favorites
FireFox0w0 writes at 5:45:53pm on 6/9/21
what's ur favorite animal owo