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Hey, names Jess and it's been a while so let's see if I can commit to this game again. I am open to any friends. I haven't played this game in a while but I'm trying to get back into it when I have time. :) Anyway, hmu if you wanna talk or something :)
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Posted on: June 27, 2018, at 08:37:51am   [0 comments]
I can be your dream or your nightmare.
As your dream you think I am perfect or easy.
But I am not.
You think I am the solution to your "everlasting relationship."
You think I am just love when I am more than that.
I am complicated with so many problems.
I challenge your relationship to see if your love is true.
I put you through obstacles, difficult ones.
You can either let these obstacles destroy your love or make it stronger.
I often make you feel like you can't ruin me because of your vows, but you can.
You often blame me for your problems, but they are your fault.
I sometimes show you reasons why it is okay but you never believe me.
Because no matter what I will never be good enough.
Half the world throws me aside
So you will think I am nothing because of your constant failures.
I am marriage; you're dream or your worst nightmare.
Some of you think I am just a lie
But soon I will no longer exist because people have given up.

-Jessica Luna
Posted on: June 27, 2018, at 08:37:28am   [0 comments]
Winter and summer,
Lovers that are opposites,
But can never show their true love to each other.
They are all separated...fall is in between summer and winter and spring is between winter and summer.
As if spring were in love with summer,
And fall were in love with winter.
Winter and summer, true lovers but can never be.
Spring and fall.
They are also separated....winter is between fall and spring.
Summer is between spring and fall.
As if winter were in love with spring.
And summer were in love with fall.
Spring and fall are not lovers but are the reasons winter and summer are confused and will never be.
The best thing for these two lovers is to just let go....
And let whatever happen, happen.

Posted on: June 27, 2018, at 08:36:45am   [0 comments]
I walk towards the shore and see the beautiful ocean.
It's beauty shines brightly with the reflection if the sun.
I valued this shore, because it was mine and no one else's
Until one day people started throwing trash onto the shore.
I would pick it up keep it all clean.
People looked at me wondering what was so special about this shore.
I saw its true beauty, while others overlooked.

One day a hurricane came by and I stood there fighting the wind as I stood on the shore.
I could feel the cans, bags, anything cut up my skin.
Yet I still stood there until I fouldnt bear it anymore.
I ran away into a shelter to keep myself safe and nurtured my wounds.
When the hurricane finally ended I came out to see you, only to find trash all over.
I walked towards the shore, but each step I took had caused a great pain.
I looked down only to find broken seashells in the sand.

I began to walk as each step makes my feet bleed, but I dont care because I deserved it.
I knew I was at fault and I'm sorry I didn't stand there next to you.
I needed to keep this area clean, because I loved you so much.
Nobody could take you away.
So I would get down on my knees as the seashells dig into my skin.
And I would begin cleaning up.
People still passed and questioned why I still tried.
But I didn't care what they thought, I was determined.

So now I walk along the shore, as my feet bleed sacrifice.
And keep my dedication, because without you I am alone.
I cant fail you because I have already done it once....
But sometimes I just want to give up...but we know what happened the last time I did.

Sika 4/18/2013
Posted on: June 27, 2018, at 08:36:05am   [0 comments]
A caterpillar crawling around the leaves near its shelter gullible to the world,
Growing up amongst the different leaves, deep in the forest.
A place where it can’t be taken away and killed.
It explores all it can; anxiously waiting to grow into a butterfly so it can explore more of the forest.
And while it explores, it sees all the other butterflies who were once who it was.
As it looks at them, it feels jealous and envious, because they have what it doesn’t have yet.
Little does it know that the world is very corrupted and dangerous, for it has been sheltered most of its life.
Yet, it still wants to grow up fast and be on its own against the world, a dream it’s had all its life.
As time goes by, it goes further on its own, because it can soon become its cocoon.
It keeps going, looking for a place it believes it’s safe to go into its small cocoon to grow into a butterfly.
The time is close to when it can spread its wings and fly away to learn what the world is.
Finally it believes it found a safe place to stay and go into its cocoon.
It sets itself on a leaf and gets into its little cocoon and sleeps, waiting to see how beautiful its wings are.
More time passes by and finally it can begin to come out.
It begins to make its way out of the cocoon, but for some reason something has stopped it.
It keeps pushing out, but it seems like its impossible, maybe it is not ready to come out?
Feeling confused, it decides to wait a bit longer.
As hours pass, it tries to push out but it seems tougher.
The little butterfly became afraid and kept pushing harder and harder.
When, finally, it was able to get a glimpse of the outside.
The butterfly took a peak outside and notices that there was sticky string all over the place.
Scared for its life, it pushes as hard as it can, managing to get its head and front arms out.
It looks around the world and sees more of the string around its cocoon, realizing it’s a web.
Curious as to what it is and pokes at it with one of its legs, getting its leg stuck.
It pulls hard to get its leg out and succeeds.
After a while, it starts to continue to come out of its cocoon,
Pulling the rest of its body and wings out, trying to be careful because it doesn’t want to get stuck on the web.
As it comes out, it begins to see how beautiful its wings are.
Its wings are unique, different from others wings.
Excited to show the world its beauty, it tries to fly away, little did it notice that the back part of its body was suck in the string.
It keeps trying to come out, but with so much effort in trying to get out from such a struggle it got tired.
It felt weak and tired that it couldn't go anywhere.
The butterfly became sad and remained where it stood.
Wondering if its worth trying to get out and struggle more or stay where it remains and slowly die.
As time passes by, it decides to try to get out of the web but fails again.
It kept trying and trying but it kept failing.
Soon enough it gives up, not knowing what to do.
But to just sit there
And accept that it can’t show its beauty to the world just yet.
A beauty that the world has never seen before or ever will, until it tries again.

Posted on: June 27, 2018, at 08:35:38am   [0 comments]
When you set sail, you go on a challenge, an adventure.
It can be a challenge because you don't know what lies ahead of you,
All you know is you have a goal, a place you want to go to.
When you set sail, you adjust your sails to the wind so you can begin your journey.
At first it can seem so simple, but you just started.
Thinking things will flow and get to your goal soon.
Days go by and you're not even halfway to your goal.
It's a goal that is far away, it may take even years but you are prepared for it.
Only you can make it, nobody else can take you there.
A few more days pass and you see dark clouds that lie ahead of you,
Winds and tides begin to pick up and you panic, not know what to do for a moment.
The wind become stronger and you adjust your sails.
It was a little bit of a challenge but nothing you can handle.
As you go further, you have rocks and fast currents to handle, keeping you up.
It gets exhausting in time, not realizing you were going the wrong way since the moment you hit the storm.
Eventually you just hide in the sailboat, scared, lost and confused.
You feel motionless and that you can't do anything to get out but to let the storm pass.
You cry and pray to yourself, thinking about the path you took.
It was challenging, and a life lesson.
But the storms keep going because only you can get out of it.
You got yourself there and now its time to get out of there.
So you get up, start working with the sails, adjust your boat and get out of the storm.
It takes days to get out, but you managed to get out.
Your boat took little damage because you handle it very well.
You attend to your boat and fix the little damages.
But know that this isn't the end, for you have no reached your goal.
And no matter what, don't let little storms stop you from achieving what you want.
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i hope things are well with you.
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I assume fairly elementary maths, but I don't know how well sign language can convey those concepts and numbers. That's really cool, actually. I hadn't condidered the necessity for that combination. And don't worry about lag time on responses.
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What are your degrees? Mine's accounting.
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Where you going to school?
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I'm fine. Just doing the college grind and working to better myself. I'm very uninteresting.
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Hi. What are you doing up so late on my profile of all places?
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