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Posted on: June 27, 2018, at 08:35:38am

When you set sail, you go on a challenge, an adventure.
It can be a challenge because you don't know what lies ahead of you,
All you know is you have a goal, a place you want to go to.
When you set sail, you adjust your sails to the wind so you can begin your journey.
At first it can seem so simple, but you just started.
Thinking things will flow and get to your goal soon.
Days go by and you're not even halfway to your goal.
It's a goal that is far away, it may take even years but you are prepared for it.
Only you can make it, nobody else can take you there.
A few more days pass and you see dark clouds that lie ahead of you,
Winds and tides begin to pick up and you panic, not know what to do for a moment.
The wind become stronger and you adjust your sails.
It was a little bit of a challenge but nothing you can handle.
As you go further, you have rocks and fast currents to handle, keeping you up.
It gets exhausting in time, not realizing you were going the wrong way since the moment you hit the storm.
Eventually you just hide in the sailboat, scared, lost and confused.
You feel motionless and that you can't do anything to get out but to let the storm pass.
You cry and pray to yourself, thinking about the path you took.
It was challenging, and a life lesson.
But the storms keep going because only you can get out of it.
You got yourself there and now its time to get out of there.
So you get up, start working with the sails, adjust your boat and get out of the storm.
It takes days to get out, but you managed to get out.
Your boat took little damage because you handle it very well.
You attend to your boat and fix the little damages.
But know that this isn't the end, for you have no reached your goal.
And no matter what, don't let little storms stop you from achieving what you want.