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Posted on: June 27, 2018, at 08:36:05am

A caterpillar crawling around the leaves near its shelter gullible to the world,
Growing up amongst the different leaves, deep in the forest.
A place where it can’t be taken away and killed.
It explores all it can; anxiously waiting to grow into a butterfly so it can explore more of the forest.
And while it explores, it sees all the other butterflies who were once who it was.
As it looks at them, it feels jealous and envious, because they have what it doesn’t have yet.
Little does it know that the world is very corrupted and dangerous, for it has been sheltered most of its life.
Yet, it still wants to grow up fast and be on its own against the world, a dream it’s had all its life.
As time goes by, it goes further on its own, because it can soon become its cocoon.
It keeps going, looking for a place it believes it’s safe to go into its small cocoon to grow into a butterfly.
The time is close to when it can spread its wings and fly away to learn what the world is.
Finally it believes it found a safe place to stay and go into its cocoon.
It sets itself on a leaf and gets into its little cocoon and sleeps, waiting to see how beautiful its wings are.
More time passes by and finally it can begin to come out.
It begins to make its way out of the cocoon, but for some reason something has stopped it.
It keeps pushing out, but it seems like its impossible, maybe it is not ready to come out?
Feeling confused, it decides to wait a bit longer.
As hours pass, it tries to push out but it seems tougher.
The little butterfly became afraid and kept pushing harder and harder.
When, finally, it was able to get a glimpse of the outside.
The butterfly took a peak outside and notices that there was sticky string all over the place.
Scared for its life, it pushes as hard as it can, managing to get its head and front arms out.
It looks around the world and sees more of the string around its cocoon, realizing it’s a web.
Curious as to what it is and pokes at it with one of its legs, getting its leg stuck.
It pulls hard to get its leg out and succeeds.
After a while, it starts to continue to come out of its cocoon,
Pulling the rest of its body and wings out, trying to be careful because it doesn’t want to get stuck on the web.
As it comes out, it begins to see how beautiful its wings are.
Its wings are unique, different from others wings.
Excited to show the world its beauty, it tries to fly away, little did it notice that the back part of its body was suck in the string.
It keeps trying to come out, but with so much effort in trying to get out from such a struggle it got tired.
It felt weak and tired that it couldn't go anywhere.
The butterfly became sad and remained where it stood.
Wondering if its worth trying to get out and struggle more or stay where it remains and slowly die.
As time passes by, it decides to try to get out of the web but fails again.
It kept trying and trying but it kept failing.
Soon enough it gives up, not knowing what to do.
But to just sit there
And accept that it can’t show its beauty to the world just yet.
A beauty that the world has never seen before or ever will, until it tries again.