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Posted on: June 27, 2018, at 08:36:45am

I walk towards the shore and see the beautiful ocean.
It's beauty shines brightly with the reflection if the sun.
I valued this shore, because it was mine and no one else's
Until one day people started throwing trash onto the shore.
I would pick it up keep it all clean.
People looked at me wondering what was so special about this shore.
I saw its true beauty, while others overlooked.

One day a hurricane came by and I stood there fighting the wind as I stood on the shore.
I could feel the cans, bags, anything cut up my skin.
Yet I still stood there until I fouldnt bear it anymore.
I ran away into a shelter to keep myself safe and nurtured my wounds.
When the hurricane finally ended I came out to see you, only to find trash all over.
I walked towards the shore, but each step I took had caused a great pain.
I looked down only to find broken seashells in the sand.

I began to walk as each step makes my feet bleed, but I dont care because I deserved it.
I knew I was at fault and I'm sorry I didn't stand there next to you.
I needed to keep this area clean, because I loved you so much.
Nobody could take you away.
So I would get down on my knees as the seashells dig into my skin.
And I would begin cleaning up.
People still passed and questioned why I still tried.
But I didn't care what they thought, I was determined.

So now I walk along the shore, as my feet bleed sacrifice.
And keep my dedication, because without you I am alone.
I cant fail you because I have already done it once....
But sometimes I just want to give up...but we know what happened the last time I did.

Sika 4/18/2013