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I Am Marriage:
Posted on: June 27, 2018, at 08:37:51am

I can be your dream or your nightmare.
As your dream you think I am perfect or easy.
But I am not.
You think I am the solution to your "everlasting relationship."
You think I am just love when I am more than that.
I am complicated with so many problems.
I challenge your relationship to see if your love is true.
I put you through obstacles, difficult ones.
You can either let these obstacles destroy your love or make it stronger.
I often make you feel like you can't ruin me because of your vows, but you can.
You often blame me for your problems, but they are your fault.
I sometimes show you reasons why it is okay but you never believe me.
Because no matter what I will never be good enough.
Half the world throws me aside
So you will think I am nothing because of your constant failures.
I am marriage; you're dream or your worst nightmare.
Some of you think I am just a lie
But soon I will no longer exist because people have given up.

-Jessica Luna