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im in high school and i like to be with my friends most of the time.
Anime, games, music, art and friends.
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any (including JapaneseChinese) except country and spanish.
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Seductive angel writes...
at 12:24:04am on 5/8/19
Hey sorry for the super late reply. I havent been getting on anymore due to stupid people PMing me with stupid shit all the time and just didnt wanna deal with it anymore. I only logged on now after so long to see if any old friends have left any messages after so long lol. Turns out no one but you did
sonicdeadpool23 writes...
at 11:18:35am on 5/23/17
I see.
sonicdeadpool23 writes...
at 11:08:57am on 5/11/17
sonicdeadpool23 writes...
at 9:19:24am on 9/20/16
Princess Lolitits writes...
at 6:59:05pm on 8/4/15
I'm poor too lol I just get my brother to pay for it all xD
Princess Lolitits writes...
at 2:29:31pm on 8/2/15
I actually went through like nonstop pain every day for a week but it doesnt hurt now so its all good. Nice. I have like 90 games on steam but I can never figure out which game I wanna play lol
Princess Lolitits writes...
at 10:16:26pm on 7/30/15
Well today I just visited a doctor for the second time cause my ear was infected and I couldnt hear out of it, plus it was bleeding and now he fixed my ear a bit that I can hear all normally again. So thats a nice thing
Princess Lolitits writes...
at 10:34:08am on 7/29/15
I used to have majoras mask and windwaker but they dont didnt really interest me so I didnt play them. I only have myself as a friend so I could check to see if I have any messages on it if I'm signed into this one. Also its private so I had to add myself anyways lol
Seductive angel writes...
at 7:36:35am on 7/26/15
Shit wrong account. Its Princess Lolitits btw. This is my other account that I forgot to log out of before replying xD
Seductive angel writes...
at 7:35:57am on 7/26/15
Oh nice. Legend of Zelda is a pretty cool game. I've only played Ocarina of Time and Oracle of Seasons though but they where pretty fun. I just bought an mmo yesterday that I kinda enjoy. Its The Elder Scrolls Online
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