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Well, i've been a member for a loong time as I suppose, even though i'm not even as good as most of the newer people on here. I just play from time to time. Uh, yea. send me a message if you want to play
PC games xbox (kinda...) I enjoy cooking :P too much more stuff to list
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I have a vast appreciation of all kinds of music, from acoustic to electronic, death core, hip-hop and rap, classical even. Favourite rappers, MF DOOM (all caps), OFWGKTA, underground artists from New Zealand "Home Brew Crew" and Tonedeff, who I heard first on this very website.
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Pacific Rim Despicable Me Wreck-it Raplh Pulp fiction Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Kickass (Absolute favourite) Avatar Little Nicky Happy Gilmore The Matrix series
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Posted on: August 3, 2021, at 04:49:42pm   [0 comments]
Haven't been in online class in a couple weeks and I've been getting worse the less I play. Enharmonix has kicked my ass, and I don't have time tonight to grind anymore.
I'm out this time, but I'm not giving up on smashing arrows!
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Logman6656 writes at 12:07:21am on 6/2/21
hey i will be playing you first in the O.W.L
mkxc3 writes at 11:02:16am on 4/1/21
Hi! Thanks for the friend request <3 we should mp sometime!
Wustenei writes at 4:14:14pm on 4/12/11
sup dude xD
MarioNintendo writes at 10:58:12am on 1/22/11
Good game, my friend! :D If you keep practicing and aiming for AAA's, you can sure become a pro!... Even better than me! D: :P Hope we'll get to play again soon.
Darkwest writes at 9:27:08pm on 1/20/11
i just got tired @.@ beside i went up about 40ish in the ffr rank :3
EB_colud writes at 11:17:46pm on 9/15/08
hey was up i guss your person to dont not worry okay i can fix that okay dont not worry about the person thing but i have a site can play brawl you like join me
MasterOfTheTaco writes at 9:24:32am on 6/20/08
w00t! I play on a Mac lol
solidsnake_2009 writes at 12:33:51pm on 4/29/08
yes another Mac user or is your avator a gimick. hmmm i question if you even own a Mac.
sakuraharunoblossom writes at 6:28:17pm on 8/11/07
that was quick ill make it harder