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Ancient cringe profile from when I was 13. Not gonna start a new account. I play a wide spread as;'] or qw[]. I notice people put their scroll speed in the bio but I am constantly increasing it. I'm at 2.23 at the time of writing. Data scientist/bioinformatics. Master's in Computer Science, undergrad in Biochemistry and a jazz musician (tenor sax/piano) sometimes. Seducer_McCoon everywhere else on the internet.
Powerlifting, totalling at 1160lbs (425,260,475) @ 165lbs body weight. I can solve a rubik's cube pretty fast. I play a lot of board games. 3D printing.
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Jazz (Stan Getz, Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Sonny Stitt, Clifford Brown, Joe Henderson), Ambient (William Basinski, The Caretaker, Aphex Twin), Hip Hop (Tyler The Creator, Kanye), Folk/Anti-Folk (Crywank, Mountain Goats, The Magnetic Fields, Smog/Bill Callahan), Other (Steely Dan) .....
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The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Isle of Dogs, Prisoners
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OT 14 Final Thoughts
Posted on: August 25, 2021, at 11:06:53am   [0 comments]
Looks like I made the finals for the 14th Official Tournament in D2!

I'm excited to have achieved at least 3rd place. I returned to FFR just this late May, and was at first wondering how the 13 year old me came up with some of the scores he did to reach level 21, now I'm at level 59.

This tournament has been a fantastic journey and I've really enjoyed having something to motivate me to get better during this time. It has definitely rekindled my passion for this game and rhythm games in general.

Last round had a very difficult song for me and it was the first time this tournament I struggled and had to push to stay in. The rest of the tournament I was comfortably in the top 3 scores. D2 this year had lots of no-entries and people that submitted only one score for a song (someone didn't submit even in the 6th round). I feel like my story is different had some of these people submitted.

Here I am, sitting with my cold brew coffee, eating breakfast and warming up to throw myself at the final song. I don't believe I'll be able to put up a score here to get out of 3rd - but I'll be trying - hard.

Thanks everyone in the ffr community for making this a fun event, especially to my fellow D2ers.

Update: My best so far is nowhere near what Hbar put in 2nd. I'm just behind the pattern the whole time, too many notes lol. I will get 3rd but I am happy. I knew from previews I would not be near competitive at all if this was the song. The other song would have given me a better shot.

Official Tournament 14 D2 Log
Posted on: July 7, 2021, at 01:21:36pm   [1 comment]
My tournament log - D2. Reverse order, newest at top.

D2 - Luv 5 Dancer - 20 - 1 - 5 - 5

YIKES this will take a lot of work...

I am definitely outclassed by this file a bit!! I haven't even been able to FC this. My best was in the first session but I am finally seeing some improvement on some of the harder sections and have gotten many attempts close to the pb. I am confident I can get a strong pb if I have to (under 25), however unless I get passed by NapalmDaDon, I won't push for it, instead I will work hard on files I think will benefit me the most in the finals.

He passed me, and the pressures on, about 10 attempts later I got 26 - 0 - 1 - 4 for a big 5 good improvement. Still feel the breath on my neck here...

D2 - Sea Breeze : This song again suits my strengths. I blackflagged it after around 20 attempts but can't improve much more. I did a little review of the tournament overall here:

UPDATE AAA Attempt 100

First attempt -
Blackflag -

We passed the point a while ago where I can get any sense of any of the D3+ songs, they are far too hard for me to comment on, likely approaching 70 difficulty.
D1 - Bubble Beam THIS SONG IS HARD GET REKT D1. I am having difficulty getting SDG here. Here is my attempt: .

D2 - Motivation : Back home baby. The cutoff is insanely high, but this song is a lot harder than the other songs. However, I feel like it particularly suits my style. Got 3g again, seems to be a pattern. I LOVE this file though. With 10 or so hours left I might try to push for better. I've had some really close runs I choked with a AAA or BF and there isn't a singular part that really defeats me like No Fear Anymore. Let's do this.

D2 - Starlazer : I was on vacation this week and playing with an unusual setup. 4g was all I really went for and didn't try too hard to get better than. This song was easier for me than the previous and I would have gotten a better score at home instead of an airBNB.

D2 - No Fear Anymore : Realllly struggling to improve on the 3g score I got in about 20 tries. I'm having a heck of a time trying the part at about 540 notes in and not improving. Gonna come back Friday after a day off the song.

After basically everyone AAAing Blue Haven and 6 people not submitting any scores, tournament organizers are in shambles trying to determine the future of this division. I've given songs ratings now as well, other people are so why not.

D2 - Riptide : AAA in about 35 minutes of work, not so bad. Loved the song, loved the chart 9.5/10. The roll sections and the grace notes in the chorus were a lot of fun and feel great. Feels great to be safe for the next round baby lets go.

D1 - Reminisce : I blackflag this but can't seem to AAA it because it is so sparse. I have relegated this tune to the depths of "to AAA" songs for now. So chill I can't even stay awake honestly 8/10

D3 - Unshakable : After some confusion as to why I couldn't play the song "Unshakeable" because it is a secret song, I found the correctly spelled tourney song. I had a lot of fun here. I'm at like 44-0-11-7 after a couple tries but don't feel as compelled to grind this. Once it has a difficulty assigned I might feel different 6/10

D4 - Forever : Something about the feel of this file and the song coalesce perfectly. Definitely going to be playing this more. 9.5/10

Again, the other songs are all too hard really for me to understand what is happening so here are my quickest thoughts. Gym Leader Battle Music : 7/10, weeb eyes 8.5/10, Nisemono : 8.5/10, Bird's Snapshot Lifespan : 9/10


D2 Song - Blue Haven : Sightread AAA, I have been training accuracy pretty regularly so this wasn't a surprise. I compared this to the song "That Distant Shore" in terms of style and difficulty so AAA'ing that song as practice was nice. Highlight: Rating: 7 out of 10, I love the song but I sometimes wish the chart had a little more notes even if it doesn't make it harder.

Other songs:
D1 - ASGORE : Sightread AAA @ Rating: 8.5/10, a classic undertale song and a great chart

D3 - Roundtable Rival : Feels kinda light for a D3 song, I have 6-0-0-2 after a couple tries. Gonna see if I can get a low SDG today. (UPDATE 1: 4-0-0-0, 2: 3-0-0-0) Rating: 9/10, a banger and a fun chart

D4 - Debut : Eh, not within my abilities but feels kinda close. I have practiced this for a bit and have actually gotten okay scores. Not any point in grinding this out however.

D5-D8 are absolutely incomprehensible to my puny brain so these ratings are basically meaningless. Quick ratings: THE BADDEST: 7/10, Elif: 7/10, Angelic Jelly 5.5/10, Exam Cram 6/10

Posted on: June 16, 2021, at 11:07:22pm   [1 comment]
Everywhere else on the internet I am Seducer_McCoon or some variant. I made this profile in elementary school. Having fun getting back into this game.

Comment wall
Rukairi writes...
at 11:40:00pm on 8/24/21
naisu top 3! let's have a good fight to the end on this ultimate showdown between us three D2 gods <3
HBar writes...
at 5:36:24pm on 8/18/21
Thanks, good luck to you too! I'm sure we'll both improve our scores a lot before the end of the round.
NapalmDaDon writes...
at 8:03:17am on 8/18/21
Thanks. My Goal is top3 but I wont be that easy i guess ;)
awesomebox writes...
at 12:45:05am on 8/18/21
within one attempt you got 2/3 the amount of raw goods i got in over 5, genuine wacky mode right there
HBar writes...
at 11:36:18am on 8/16/21
Congrats on the AAA, and thank you for waiting until after the round previews so as not to invoke azlynn’s wrath
HBar writes...
at 9:31:33pm on 8/11/21
Congrats on D4!
Zeldagurlfan1 writes...
at 8:49:19pm on 8/11/21
u were soooo closee, gl! :D
(also did u get moved up from D1?)
HBar writes...
at 3:40:17pm on 8/10/21
Thanks Deathserpent! I see you’ve also been practicing and improving a lot over the past few weeks, I hope at least one of us can catch up to Rukairi’s skill level by the final. But I’ll be happy however the rest of the tournament goes, reaching the top 8 was my main goal.
HBar writes...
at 6:06:50pm on 7/25/21
Congrats on unlocking Coactive! You beat me to it by 9 days.
sonic10110 writes...
at 11:58:31pm on 7/13/21
nice AAA! keeping the competition strong!
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