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Birthday today
Posted on: April 12, 2008, at 10:03:20am   [4 comments]
its gonna be a good day =]

this made me smile
Posted on: May 26, 2007, at 06:50:21am   [0 comments]
ok so she lives almost 4 hours away from me, ive never been to where she lives and i barely knew that teacher haha

alliebabe0101 (8:05:13 PM): so this is really weird but my child development teacher was talking about you today

alliebabe0101 went away at 8:05:01 PM.

jackal0949 (8:05:08 PM): me??

Auto Response from alliebabe0101 (8:05:28 PM): fhsajklfhs; chyea.

jackal0949 (8:05:28 PM): r u sure u IMd the right person hah

alliebabe0101 (8:05:53 PM): lol yes

alliebabe0101 (8:06:09 PM): she was liek when i taught in dublin there was this kid named joe something that had the prettiest blue eyes

alliebabe0101 (8:06:24 PM): and she was like idont remember his last name tho it was like jamiel or something like that

alliebabe0101 (8:06:29 PM): and i was like omg i talked to that kid

jackal0949 (8:06:16 PM): r u serious

alliebabe0101 (8:06:40 PM): yes !

jackal0949 (8:06:23 PM): whats her name

alliebabe0101 (8:06:47 PM): Mrs. Scott

jackal0949 (8:06:32 PM): 0.0

alliebabe0101 (8:06:57 PM): shes really young like 25

jackal0949 (8:07:18 PM): oh wow hah r u sureeeeee for reallllll

alliebabe0101 (8:07:45 PM): i swear to god

alliebabe0101 (8:07:51 PM): i was like i freaking know that kid

alliebabe0101 (8:08:03 PM): haha cause we were talking about eye colors and she was like yea this joe kid

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at 10:21:53am on 2/4/09
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ddrmaniacaaa writes...
at 3:39:14pm on 12/3/08
great, now i still have to do legend of Zelda and Ball of Malt to AAA all the triky songs
ddrmaniacaaa writes...
at 5:18:37pm on 11/15/08
The average and the boo was complete lag, but it would be sweet if I AAAed this
Suzii1 writes...
at 3:56:11pm on 11/15/08
I'm good, My moms a dork though xD... lol.. okay well ive got 2 friends okay? trace is a guy, and traci is a girl. i think o_O Lol. Well i was talking about trace, and she's like how tall is trace now? nd im like.. pfft iono. like 6'2"? nd she's like TRACI'S THAT TALL?? WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I SAW HER?? nd i was thinking... her?? then i realized we were talking about different people, nd im like no no no different trace :D nd she's like.. i dont know any other trace.. but traces dad is like my moms best friend xD Lol.
Suzii1 writes...
at 1:27:02pm on 11/15/08
How are you today? ^_^
Suzii1 writes...
at 12:46:38pm on 11/15/08
Thanks for accepting my request :D
ddrmaniacaaa writes...
at 12:27:50pm on 11/13/08
Now you have to AAA it
STARLov314 writes...
at 5:35:03pm on 11/12/08
hi im rina, u? wats ^, i like yr profile just lookin roun dthat sorta thing good avi, and pics
ddrmaniacaaa writes...
at 3:55:48pm on 11/4/08
Just the thought of silence gives me a headache... Nice FC though
passivegirl writes...
at 1:13:16pm on 10/28/08
Sorry, got disconnected! Ugh
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