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Posted on: March 29, 2021, at 07:00:52pm   [1 comment]
Most of the profile is from the Myspace era. Forgotten about when the site went down several years ago. It's still fun to play and a great blast from the past looking back!
Posted on: April 12, 2008, at 10:03:20am   [4 comments]
its gonna be a good day =]
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urangutanLP writes at 4:18:21pm on 9/2/23
congrats on getting the 25 billion grandtotal :D
reborn.1234 writes at 2:33:07pm on 2/8/22
Load Load Revolution
KillerScythe0 writes at 12:29:08am on 7/18/21
Thanks for playing with me and showing me a bunch of fun songs!
Jhleequitted writes at 1:28:40pm on 7/8/21
pog player
beeeboopbop writes at 2:40:05pm on 3/31/21
ddrmaniacaaa writes at 3:39:14pm on 12/3/08
great, now i still have to do legend of Zelda and Ball of Malt to AAA all the triky songs
ddrmaniacaaa writes at 5:18:37pm on 11/15/08
The average and the boo was complete lag, but it would be sweet if I AAAed this
ddrmaniacaaa writes at 12:27:50pm on 11/13/08
Now you have to AAA it
ddrmaniacaaa writes at 3:55:48pm on 11/4/08
Just the thought of silence gives me a headache... Nice FC though
ddrmaniacaaa writes at 3:34:53pm on 10/22/08
OMG you play WoW?
I never got into it