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im not getting AAA's cuz i don't feel like frustrating and making myself mad over a game Cheers ;)
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Posted on: March 28, 2015, at 07:39:03am   [3 comments]
1000000000 GT 03/28/15

highest FC (no mashing)

Diff:60 3/30/15

Posted on: February 16, 2015, at 12:12:31pm   [5 comments]

soo close :'(
Posted on: February 16, 2015, at 11:21:35am   [2 comments]

Comment wall
Pizza69 writes...
at 4:20:42pm on 12/8/20
beautiful avatar lol
Skohor writes...
at 5:11:05pm on 4/11/15
Hey look the news on the main site... And stay happy, not like me XD :'( x)
Skohor writes...
at 7:58:27pm on 3/25/15
Hey you're welcome and sorry for the multiplayer game, my internet connexion shuted down :'(
Godnick writes...
at 4:31:13pm on 2/28/15
/hahahahahah, I saw you got a good score on Chaos too
Godnick writes...
at 5:10:02am on 2/24/15
Damn! well I was going to tell you that SKG_Scintill hones some of the most beautiful and wonderful files you can play. (Made FUSE. You can note Twister as being another spectacular file) He actually just made one recently that's called Chaos. It's a lighter one but it packs that delicious licker tongue you'd expect from such a man of life. Your socks will be blown off and your trousers might appear dampered, It's all that knee bouncing peak-a-boo pouncing. You might experience the 'lick' and that's the Scintill trademark. You doomed boooooooooyyy!!!!!!
Godnick writes...
at 5:49:35pm on 2/20/15
You should try out Fantranstic, that file's pretty sweet.
Godnick writes...
at 5:48:16pm on 2/20/15
Hey thanks for the replay comment :)
Funny avatar, I don't concur though. You seem to be playing greatly! ←↓↑→
ThunderFlip writes...
at 8:24:09pm on 2/17/15
Yeah, I think that's Dendrite v2.
ThunderFlip writes...
at 8:12:22pm on 2/17/15
ikr, huh? It is pretty much the best song to do it on. You can easily FC it (and therefore get a lot of grandtotal) by just quad mashing. It takes about 16 hours straight to get to 1 billion. The reason people do it is that it is one of the ways to unlock the Freedom Dive token song. I still haven't done it, lol
ThunderFlip writes...
at 7:56:21pm on 2/17/15
I noticed he had done the billion in a day challenge today when I looked at daily stats, and seeing as vs boss battle has over 1000 plays today, it figures that he used that song to get it. When I saw your comment, I was like, wait didn't I post that on someone else's profile? :P
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